Ever feel like your cozy bathroom could be a little roomier? With its many heavy fixtures and complex plumbing, it may feel impossible to make your bathroom appear to have more space. However, even the smallest changes can make a world of difference. Transforming your bathroom doesn’t always require a complete overhaul. Sometimes, all it takes is a little creativity and clever use of space to breathe new life into a small bathroom. Here are some tips for making your small bathroom feel like a spacious sanctuary.

Install Outlets In Medicine Cabinets

Get rid of clunky wires dangling haphazardly from the wall. Make those wires out-of-sight, out-of-mind by installing them in your medicine cabinet. With built-in outlets, you can conveniently charge your electric toothbrush, shaver, or other small appliances without cluttering your countertop!

Considering new medicine cabinets in general? Many modern medicine cabinets already come with outlets in them. By getting completely new cabinets that already have outlets in them, you can tackle two bathroom wishlist items in one upgrade!

Get Reflective With Your Surfaces

Bouncing natural light and lighting fixtures off reflective surfaces can significantly enhance the perceived size of a small bathroom. One affordable way to implement this strategy is by installing mirrors.

Mirrors are excellent at reflecting light and creating an illusion of depth. A large mirror over the vanity or a full-length mirror on the door can double the amount of light in the room, and create the impression of added space.

Another option is to use high-gloss paint on the walls and ceiling. The sheen of this type of paint reflects light and helps to brighten the room.

Reflective tiles, such as glossy or metallic, can bounce light around the room and add to the overall roomy aesthetic. Opting for larger tiles can also minimize grout lines, reducing visual clutter and enhancing the sense of spaciousness.

Ditch the Cabinets – Keep the Storage

Speaking of reducing visible clutter, maximize your space by hiding the storage. Consider installing a floating vanity and adding storage baskets underneath the extra space.

Another strategy is to replace your traditional mirror with a medicine cabinet. This not only gives you extra storage space but also keeps your toiletries hidden.

Open shelving is another option to consider. While not technically hiding anything, it does create an illusion of space and is lighter on the wallet than cabinets!

Relocate the Pipes (If Possible)

Relocating pipes in a small bathroom can often create more room, and provide added flexibility for redesigning the space. This can include moving vent pipes, water lines, or even drain lines to accommodate a new layout or fixture placement.

Moving vent pipes, for instance, can help if you’re planning to install a new vanity or sink in a different location, or if you simply need more wall or cabinet space. Just remember that vent pipes are essential in maintaining proper airflow in your plumbing system, so any changes should be done carefully to preserve their functionality.

While some homeowners may be able to handle smaller tasks like extending water lines, larger jobs like moving vent and drain pipes are generally best left to professionals. Plumbing work can get complicated quickly, and mistakes can lead to significant water damage.

Rounded Corners

In a small bathroom, every inch counts, and even the shape of your fixtures can make a significant difference. Switching from square to rounded corners on items such as sinks, bathtubs, and even cabinetry, can create an illusion of more space and improve the visual flow of the room.

Rounded fixtures have a softer look, making a bathroom feel less cramped and more inviting. In contrast to sharp angles, curves offer a smooth transition between elements, guiding the eye along a continuous line. This can make the room seem more cohesive and harmonious, contributing to a sense of increased space.

Even minor details, like choosing round cabinet knobs or towel hooks, can contribute to the overall effect. These small touches reinforce the theme of curves and continuity throughout the room.

However you decide to make your bathroom appear larger, make sure it’s done properly. Save headaches and make your dream bathroom come true with licensed St. Louis contractors. Contact Mosby before September 30, 2023, to get a new bathroom for as low as $317 per month!