Considering a kitchen remodel this fall? Getting work done on your home before temperatures drop is a wise move before hunkering down for the winter. Remodeling your kitchen is more than just a facelift for your home; it’s an investment that enhances your space’s functionality and boosts its value. With Mosby Building Arts, bringing your vision to life has never been easier. Thanks to our Kitchen Sale, you can qualify for no payments on your dream kitchen for up to 12 months! Or take 5% off of the cost of the kitchen, plus take advantage of low monthly payments. If you’re unsure where to start, we’re here to help. From hidden appliances to functional islands to eye-catching backsplashes, St. Louis is buzzing with exciting kitchen trends this fall season. Let’s explore some of the most popular!

Accent the Essentials with Natural Wood 

As we usher in the fall…think cozy, think charm, think natural wood accents in your kitchen! Those accents have an irresistible allure that can instantly captivate your space with warmth and charm. You could add unique touches to your kitchen with a rustic wooden backsplash or a wood-paneled range hood. These little nuances create a space that’s not only visually appealing, but also radiates a welcoming atmosphere.

The use of diverse wood tones, especially the interplay of lighter hues with darker ones, adds depth and visual interest to the kitchen space. Lighter woods, such as maple, provide an airy, modern appeal. Meanwhile, darker accents, such as mahogany, present a rich, stable contrast. 

Give a Lush Vibe with Stone Countertops

Stone countertops are an increasingly popular choice for St. Louis homeowners. Not only are they beautiful, but they offer the ultimate combination of durability and functionality.

One of the primary advantages of stone countertops is their incredible resilience. Whether it’s granite, marble, or quartzite, these natural materials are known for their indestructibility. They can withstand heat, resist scratches, and repel stains, making stone countertops an excellent choice for kitchens…and people who are sloppy when they pour wine!

Aside from their practicality, stone countertops also add a touch of sophistication to your kitchen. The natural variations in color, pattern, and texture found in stones make your countertops one-of-a-kind. Their presence infuses personality into the room that reflects positively back on you as the owner. 

Lastly, stone countertops can increase the perceived value of your St. Louis property. Their timeless beauty, and long-lasting durability make them highly desirable among potential buyers, boosting your home’s market appeal. 

Textured Backsplash

Textured backsplashes are a hot trend, adding depth and visual interest to your space. They can complement all kinds of countertop materials and appliance finishes, enhancing the aesthetic of your kitchen easily.  

Right now, handmade tiles with unique shapes and patterns are particularly in vogue in St. Louis. In addition, the contrast of rugged stone with sleek stainless steel, and glossy glass with matte countertops, are both rising in popularity this fall. 

Cook and Host with a New Island

Hosting Thanksgiving or other holidays? Consider the magic of a kitchen island! Kitchen islands are a beloved element in modern home design. They not only amplify the visual appeal of your space, but also ramp up its functionality. 

For one, kitchen islands provide extra counter space for those festive culinary feats. They also become a gathering place where your loved ones can connect over apps and snacks. 

Lastly, an island provides an opportunity to hang pots, pans, and other essentials above your head while you prep. This will free up storage space in your cabinets while making your job in the kitchen easier!

Be Breathable and Organized with Open Shelving

Open shelving is a trendy and functional kitchen feature, especially if you have a small kitchen space. By not taking up a lot of physical space, these floating shelves can make a kitchen feel larger. It’s also the perfect opportunity to work in those natural wood accents! 

The functionality of open shelving is another reason for its rising popularity. Think back to the pots and pans hanging over the island; keeping often-used items within easy reach is a growing trend in kitchen remodels. Open shelves enhance the workflow in the kitchen so that you can put your favorite items close by. 

Shine with High-Gloss Cabinets

High-gloss cabinets are known for their sleek finish and ability to make spaces seem larger. They naturally reflect light, creating the illusion of a larger kitchen area. This is particularly beneficial in small or narrow kitchens where space is limited. The light reflection intensifies the overall vibrancy of the kitchen, even in low, natural light conditions.

These monochromatic cabinets suit various color schemes, but selecting the right shade plays a crucial role in enhancing this light reflection. Gray is a popular choice for complementing other colors in your kitchen, while maximizing your reflective light. 

Hide the Appliances 

In the fall of 2023, the trend of hidden kitchen appliances has taken center stage, largely due to their aesthetic allure and ability to save space. This trend is about seamlessly incorporating large appliances into the overall kitchen design. 

Appliances get concealed behind panels that mimic cabinet styles, creating a unified and harmonious look within the kitchen. This approach enhances visual appeal while decluttering the space, making it feel more open and orderly!

Hidden kitchen appliances also boost the functionality of your kitchen. By tucking away these kitchen essentials it can help optimize your space. This feature is incredibly beneficial in smaller kitchens or homes with an open floor plan

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