mosby open floor plan 01

If things feel a little “off” within your home, it might be an issue with flow, or lack thereof. Removing or rearranging walls to create a more open floor plan is often the final link in feeling truly comfortable in your home. Here are two examples of St. Louis homes transformed with an open floor plan remodel.

mosby open floor plan 02

A Ballwin, MO ranch home built in 1979 had an eat-in kitchen separated from a formal dining room that led to a sunken living room. The photo above shows the half-wall and opening that separated the kitchen from the family room. This layout became challenging when a member of the family transitioned to a wheelchair, so it was time to re-think the home’s floor plan.

mosby open floor plan 03

Mosby Building Arts designer Jake Spurgeon proposed completely removing a wall to create the open floor plan shown above.

Of Special Note: Do not remove a wall until you identify if it’s load-bearing. Learn more here.

mosby open floor plan 04

This is the former sunken living room, which required a step-down from both the entry foyer and the dining room. Over the years, this space became an ignored, unusable space.

mosby open floor plan 05

By leveling the floor at the front of the house and installing a cohesive wood floor throughout the ground floor, the family now has an accessible home with a welcoming flow. And that “welcoming” concept is so important; the family has returned to hosting social gatherings, and their happiness with regaining that part of their life is contagious!

mosby open floor plan 06

Historic homes get a new lease on life with a switch to a more open floor plan, like this Central West End condo (above), built in 1909.

mosby open floor plan 07

A plaster wall separated the dining room from the living room, and boxed off the staircase to the 2nd floor.

mosby open floor plan 08

By removing and reconfiguring that load-bearing wall, the urban condo suddenly takes on a modern feel. The ability to see the entire first floor in one glance – not to mention the uninterrupted flow of natural light – reaps major psychological benefits.

mosby open floor plan 09

Removing part of the wall between the dining room and kitchen removed the final barrier to feeling hemmed in.

mosby open floor plan 10

The new opening creates an opportunity for an additional dining spot, and makes the kitchen feel bigger and more inviting. This new energy flow has changed how the owner perceives and lives in her home, and that kind of peace of mind is invaluable. See more photos of this Central West condo remodel.

If you have a hunch that a more open floor plan would improve your lifestyle, a conversation about the possibilities with Mosby Building Arts is your next step. Call Mosby at 314.909.1800 or contact them here.