pools safe for children

Having a pool is one of the great summertime pleasures, but it also makes you responsible for the safety of those using it. Establishing rules for when and how others use your pool is important. When it comes to the children who will use or be near your pool, extra steps should be taken to keep them safe.

Here are 7 ways to make your pool safe for children:

1.Adult Supervision

There needs to be an adult actively watching the area when children are in the pool. Do not become distracted by technology, entertainment or other guests – keep a constant watchful eye. And keep a phone nearby should you need to make emergency contact.

2.Prepare for Emergencies

Keep safety equipment readily available. Flotation devises with ropes attached and a safety hook (see an example) need to be close by to rescue those in the pool. Learning basic CPR procedures can save lives wherever you may be, and strongly recommended when you own a pool. Contact the American Red Cross to find CPR courses in your area.

3.Install a Safety Fence

Metro St. Louis code requires a safety fence to be installed around a pool. The fence needs to be at least 4 feet tall with slats less than 4 inches apart with no foot or handrails. These are all precautions to keep children from climbing on, over or through a fence to get to a tempting pool.

Pool side

4.Install a Safety Gate

A child-proof gate, like the one shown above, is one that self-closes and self-latches. Also consider attaching an alarm to the gate that will sound every time the gate is opened.

5.Install a Pool Alarm

Along with the gate alarm mentioned above, there are other types of alarm systems to alert you when someone is near the pool when they shouldn’t be. A perimeter alarm is akin to an invisible fence that will sound when anyone or anything (like animals) break the laser field. A pressure sensitive alarm will sound when anything over a certain weight limit goes into the pool.

6.Make Poolside Slip-Resistant

People of all ages will benefit from covering the deck area around your pool with non-skid materials. There are paint-on products or finishes that can be added to concrete to create a rougher surface that create a grip for wet feet. Learn more about slip-resistant concrete.

7.Install a Safety Cover

When the pool closes for the season, a standard pool cover will not protect against someone falling in an empty pool. Upgrading to a cover made of a trampoline-like material creates a strong barrier. Here is an example of a safer pool cover.

These are 7 ways to ease your mind and increase the safety of your pool so that you can enjoy your summer. If you would like help exploring any of these safety options for your St. Louis pool, please call the Mosby Building Arts office at 314.909.1800 or contact them here.