Whether a fixer-upper or your long-term residence, your house is a blank canvas awaiting your unique imprint. With a clear vision and the right contractor, you can transform your space to mirror your individuality. The trick lies in choosing one or two standout elements per room as your transformation’s centerpiece. We recently partnered with a couple in Ladue, Missouri to revitalize their kitchen and bathroom, identifying and building around key elements in each room. This centered approach brought their dream spaces to life, marrying functionality with their aesthetic. Use their story to help inspire you to dream up your ideal living space and how Mosby can make it a reality! 


Pick the Centerpiece

Every room has a “wow factor,” an element that immediately draws attention. Choosing that “wow factor” centerpiece for your home remodel is a decision of paramount importance, as it sets the tone and direction for the rest of the design choices you’ll make. This centerpiece should be something that resonates with you deeply, a piece that you can fall in love with over and over again. It’s this emotional connection that will make your home truly yours.

In a kitchen, your centerpiece could be a chandelier, an island, or a vibrant backsplash. For the couple in Ladue, Missouri that we recently worked with, the “wow factor” centerpiece was a mid-century modern fireplace in their small, practical kitchen. 

It’s white and black round design popped, drawing the eye to the corner. Its bold presence allows anyone entering the room a place where their eye can converge. From this scanning point, they will notice other little nuances that are inspired by this centerpiece on all sides of the room.  The round shape of this fireplace complements the house’s original barrel ceilings. It also helped inspire our designers to include arches within the entranceways of the room. 

While these decisions can take time, working with a collaborative partner like our team at Mosby Building Arts can streamline the process. Our expertise and guidance can help you navigate through the multitude of options without feeling overwhelmed or rushed. We understand the importance of your centerpiece choice and are committed to helping you find t hat perfect element that will serve as the heart of your home remodel.

Express Yourself

Your home is a tangible expression of your style, a place where your personal aesthetic comes to life. Your bathrooms and kitchen are spaces that you inhabit daily. They should be places that you genuinely enjoy, featuring elements that speak to you. Remodeling your St. Louis house requires striking the right balance between making a statement and creating comfort, ensuring your space isn’t just visually appealing but also feels like “home.” Your chosen centerpieces are integral in reflecting your personal style. Working with licensed St. Louis contractors can help execute your vision into a talking point for decades to come. 

For instance, the Ladue homeowners love mid-century modern, West Coast vibes. They found terrazzo tiles that captured this aesthetic and used them as a blueprint for the rest of their recent bathroom remodel. These tiles were also used in their breezeway, creating a cohesive look throughout the home.  Crafting this nuanced balance can be quite a challenge. Subtlety is indeed key when integrating your favorite colors, shapes, and textures into your living space. 

It’s about creating a cohesive design that hints at your preferences without overwhelming the senses. This delicate art requires a keen eye and expertise, which is where we come in. 

As trusted St. Louis contractors, Mosby Building Arts is committed to helping you navigate this design journey. We work collaboratively with you to ensure your home reflects your style beautifully and authentically, creating spaces you’ll love to live in.

Tell Your Story

Your home is more than just a physical structure. It’s a personal sanctuary where you curate precious memories, showcase cherished photographs and mementos, and host intimate gatherings. It’s a place where you are both on display yet beautifully vulnerable, sharing pieces of your life with those you invite in.  Therefore, your home should be a reflection of your persona, embodying the things that bring you joy and helping narrate your unique story to the world. For the lovely Ladue couple that we worked with, the light fixtures over the dining area held significant sentimental value. 

They were made to match the fixtures at I Fratellini in Clayton, Missouri, a former favorite local restaurant where the husband had proposed to his wife. The couple found the original artist who could recreate the fixtures. This stunning light fixture is adorned over their island. It helps provide an intimate space and wonderfully matches the other talk of the room — the fireplace!

Get Practical

When you purchase a house, it’s often not tailored to your specific lifestyle and needs. The layout may be functional, but as you settle in, you begin to understand how the space could better serve you. You start noticing the areas that could be more efficient or the rooms that don’t quite fit your needs. It’s through these lived experiences that you start envisioning ways to make your house truly work for you. This is where home remodels come into play. A well-planned remodel can enhance the functionality of your home, making daily tasks easier and improving the overall flow of the space. 

Whether it’s reconfiguring the kitchen layout for more efficient meal preparation, expanding the living room for family gatherings, or adding storage solutions to reduce clutter, a remodel can significantly improve your living experience. The family’s kitchen in Ladue initially felt cramped due to a large island located in an inefficient area. By moving the island out of the middle of the kitchen, they opened up the space and improved the flow of the room, demonstrating that sometimes less is more.

By working with experienced professionals like us at Mosby Building Arts, we can help you turn those visions into reality, creating a home that isn’t just beautiful but also practical and uniquely yours.

Let the Light In

Lighting is a crucial element in home design that significantly influences both the ambiance and functionality of a space. It has the power to dramatically alter a room’s mood, perception, and overall aesthetic appeal.  Proper lighting can make a room feel warm and inviting, cool and tranquil, or vibrant and energetic. It can highlight architectural features, draw attention to artwork, or create visual interest through shadows and contrasts.  Moreover, it plays a key role in setting the atmosphere for various activities. Whether it’s soft, dimmed lighting for a relaxing evening or bright, focused lighting for tasks like reading or cooking, the right lighting is essential. In addition, proper lighting can also enhance a room’s perceived size. A dark room feels smaller, while a brightly lit room appears more spacious. 

By playing with different types of lighting – ambient, task, and accent – you can create diverse vibes within the same space, making each room versatile and adaptable to your changing needs. During the recent bathroom remodel we performed in Laude we incorporated recessed lighting in the ceiling and light fixtures on the walls to create a full 360-degree lighting experience.  We also played with perceived space in the kitchen. At the request of the Laude homeowners, we built arches into the wall that were inspired by the existing architecture of the home. This renovation allowed light to travel throughout the house, making their home feel more spacious.

The Importance of Working with a Trained Professional

Customization is key to making your house remodel dreams come true. However, customized jobs require expertise and skill. 

The family in Ladue initially worked with a smaller contractor, but the project proved too big, leading to disappointment. When our team at Mosby Building Arts stepped in, we immediately recognized the potential of the round fireplace and knew exactly where to find matching rounded cabinets. In these instances, our extensive knowledge saved the family time and effort.

A successful remodel is a collaborative effort. No two jobs are the same, and the team at Mosby Building Arts understands the importance of making each house uniquely yours. Whether it’s finding the perfect centerpiece or ensuring the practicality of your space, working with a skilled contractor can help turn your remodeling dreams into reality.