Ready for a kitchen makeover? The kitchen is not just a space for cooking but a canvas for creativity. Sure, big changes like new countertops, appliances, or cabinets can make a difference. However, transforming a nice kitchen space into a stunning one truly lies in the details. Think of your kitchen as a symphony, where even the smallest elements, like knobs and small appliances, play significant roles. When these little things harmonize with the larger pieces, that’s when your kitchen goes from being the place where conversations are held to what conversations are about. Let’s use an example from a recent kitchen renovation in St. Louis from Mosby Building Arts and how we used little details to make a big difference. 


Create a Blueprint for a Beautiful Kitchen Upgrade

When planning a kitchen upgrade, it’s critical to start with the essentials – counters, cabinets, and floors. These foundational elements set the stage for your kitchen’s overall look and feel, and your choices here will guide the rest of your design decisions.

Counters are often the focal point in a kitchen remodel. Options range from sleek stainless steel to elegant marble or granite to a warm butcher block. When choosing your countertop material, consider its durability, maintenance requirements, and how it fits with your aesthetic.

Cabinets contribute significantly to your kitchen’s style. Wood cabinets, such as oak or cherry, provide a timeless, traditional look, while painted cabinets can offer a more modern or eclectic vibe. The key is to choose a cabinet material that complements your countertop. For example, if you’ve chosen a bold, veined marble for your counters, consider a simpler cabinet design in a solid color to let the marble stand out.

Floors should also be thoughtfully selected to match both counters and cabinets. Classic hardwood floors work well with most styles and materials, while ceramic or porcelain tiles can offer an appealing contrast, especially with wooden cabinets. For a sleek, modern kitchen with stainless steel counters, consider a polished concrete floor for a cohesive, contemporary look.

Remember, the goal is to create a harmonious balance between all these elements. By making thoughtful decisions about your counters, cabinets, and floors, you can ensure your new kitchen is not only functional but also beautifully cohesive.

Pick Your Central Color

Choosing a central color for your kitchen that complements your cabinets, counters, and floor is a critical aspect of design. This color acts as the binding element, tying all the different components together in the harmony you’re trying to create. 

In a recent renovation project we undertook, the homeowners decided on a lemon theme. We embraced this idea and ensured that various shades of yellow were subtly incorporated throughout the kitchen. These pops of yellow are subtly woven into the space’s decor. For instance, the dish towels and flowers have been selected for their yellow accents, providing a consistent but understated hint of the theme. 

However, we’ve also made some bold choices to emphasize the lemon theme. Most striking? The amazingly vibrant yellow pantry door! Its bright hue instantly lifts the mood of the room. Not to mention, this uplifting color doesn’t just complement the overall layout. It also enhances the natural lighting in the space, creating an inviting and cheerful atmosphere!

Dial in on the Details

Once you have your core elements like counters, cabinets, and floors, along with a central color, it’s time to focus on the finer details that truly reflect your personality.

Select knobs and handles for your drawers that augment your space. For instance, brushed nickel or chrome hardware can nicely complement darker woods and colors, while brass or copper can add warmth to lighter woods and hues.

In this recent St. Louis kitchen renovation, the homeowners chose cabinet handles with a yellow and white checker pattern. This not only aligned with the overall lemon theme but also evoked the charm of a picnic tablecloth, cohesively tying the kitchen vibe together.

Additionally, consider appliances and dishware. The homeowners opted for copper kettles and bowls, adding a cozy touch that resonated with the yellow aesthetic. 

Similarly, stainless steel appliances can bring a sleek, modern vibe when paired with black hues. Meanwhile, ceramic or porcelain dishware can enhance light blue tones, which is perfect for a beach house-inspired kitchen.

Embrace the Natural

Natural wood remains a popular choice in kitchens for several reasons. It brings warmth, character, and a timeless appeal that suits various design styles. Different types of wood can create unique atmospheres. For instance, oak, with its distinctive grain pattern, lends a traditional, rustic charm. Maple, known for its light, uniform appearance, creates a contemporary, clean look. Cherry wood, with its rich, dark tones, exudes luxury and sophistication.

During the aforementioned kitchen renovation, we utilized a palette of white and yellow to infuse brightness. Darker wooden hues were incorporated for contrast, enhancing the space’s depth and dimension. The kitchen island, equipped with dark wooden barstools, serves as a cozy nook for quick family lunches.

Attention to detail was paramount. Even the pepper mills and serving trays were crafted from wood, adding a touch of rustic elegance. These minor elements can truly elevate your kitchen, making it not just functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

Pick Your “Wow” Moment

Every kitchen indeed has its “wow” moment that stands out and sparks conversation. In your kitchen, what’s that standout element?

During our recent St. Louis kitchen renovation, the homeowners fully embraced the lemon theme, featuring an accent wall adorned with lemon tree wallpaper. This striking design element ties the room together beautifully, mirroring the traditional white and yellow hues throughout the space. However, the splashes of green from the leaves foster a truly captivating contrast!

Adding to the space’s charm is a mini bar countertop positioned against the wallpaper, signifying the area as the heart of entertainment. This thoughtful touch further enhances the room’s allure, truly making it the designated spot where fun happens.

Talk with a Licensed Professional 

Kitchen dreams can become nightmares due to poor design, subpar materials, and shoddy workmanship. For instance, hiding appliances is pointless if accessibility is not practical. Open-concept kitchens can cause noise and clutter if not well-planned. Designer kitchens can disappoint due to unreliable suppliers. Nobody wants these kinds of headaches!

Remodeling mistakes can necessitate a total redo, draining resources and patience. That’s why it’s crucial to start with reliable professionals like Mosby Building Arts in St. Louis. We’ll help realize your dream kitchen, little details and all!