If you’re in St. Louis, you understand the importance of a sturdy garage door. Sometimes, our weather demands it! Raynor garage doors are the answer. Known for their quality, insulation, and powder coating, Raynor is a durable and sustainable solution for upgrading your garage door. Here at Mosby Building Arts, we’re excited to announce that we’re now officially installing Raynor doors in St. Louis. Wanna know why Raynor has been leading the way for garage doors since 1944? Find out why Raynor has the perfect garage door solution for your St. Louis home.

Why Raynor Garage Doors for St. Louis Homes? 

Raynor’s engineering expertise enhances every garage door they manufacture. They rigorously test their products to meet the highest industry standards and regulations. As a leading garage door manufacturer, Raynor produces all door panels and primary hardware components with American-made materials in-house for complete, quality control. Raynor’s unique garage door hardware, which includes hinges, springs, track, and u-bars, is designed exclusively for their doors, making Raynor trendsetters in the industry. 

Exceptional Durability

NeuFoam™ Insulation & WeatherLock™ technology offers an unmatched level of insulation for garage doors, enhancing their structural strength and longevity. Raynor pairs their exclusive WeatherLock section joint design with high-density polyurethane insulation to deliver industry-leading energy efficiency in garage doors. The unique design of Raynor’s section joint minimizes air transfer and keeps moisture at bay, ensuring a secure and comfortable environment in your St. Louis home’s garage.

Extremely Secure

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In 2022, nearly 7,400 cars were stolen in St. Louis. Raynor’s SecureLoc™ Anti-Break-In System pairs their patented SecureLoc™ technology with the durability of a Raynor residential garage door. When professionally installed, this system ensures that your garage door is automatically locked, preventing unauthorized access. So, you can rest easy knowing that Raynor’s SecureLoc™ System is guarding your garage against unwanted entry.

Operates with Ease

Many garage doors can be cumbersome and noisy when opening, but not those equipped with Raynor’s innovative TruBalance™ Drum System. Doors featuring Raynor’s patented technology are 87% simpler to operate by hand. This mechanism is a standard feature on doors up to 8′ tall that have large windows in the upper section, ensuring a hassle-free experience every time you open or close your garage door.

Any Color You Want

Raynor’s ColorWave™ is an advanced post-paint system that offers a plethora of high-quality paint options for customizing your door’s final look. With a leading industry warranty and commercial-grade paint, you can expect long-lasting, hassle-free maintenance. This robust, superior industrial-grade paint is specifically designed to adhere to materials like steel, vinyl, and plastic. Choose from 1,500 different Sherwin-Williams® Polane® Enamel paint colors to give your door the ideal finish.

Types of Raynor Garages in St. Louis

If you’re in the Gateway to the West and aiming to boost your home’s aesthetic appeal, increase its market value, or fortify the safety and security of your garage door, Raynor has an extensive range of residential garage doors tailored to meet your needs. 

Distinctions Series™ Custom Garage Doors

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Crafting garage doors that stand out demands unparalleled attention to detail. Offering the industry’s top features and an expansive range of design options, these garage doors can be designed to complement the distinctive character of St. Louis homes.

The Distinctions Series™ features:

  • RockCreeke™: High-definition steel garage overlays offer varied, stylish designs for a lasting, elegant, and sophisticated look.
  • Raynor StyleView™: Aluminum construction allows for limitless window layouts in a sleek design, offering durability and architectural flexibility.
  • Country Manor™: An affordable, classic farmhouse aesthetic, with versatile design options, using durable inlays on Neufoam steel sections.
  • Eden Coast by Raynor™: A wood-like aesthetic on a durable, low-maintenance steel base with excellent thermal insulation.

Aspen™ Series Steel Residential Garage Doors

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The Aspen™ Series by Raynor offers top-tier safety, quality, and energy efficiency through its three-layer steel residential garage doors. With Raynor’s exclusive WeatherLock™ section joint, the Aspen Series ensures robust strength, weatherproof sealing, and a thermal barrier to resist heat and cold effectively.

The Aspen™ Series features:

  • Aspen™ AP200LV LuxeVue: Offers the Aspen Series’ design aesthetics with a significantly larger top window, increasing garage natural light by 20%.
  • Aspen™ AP200N Contempra: Based on the 2″ Aspen foundation, provides a contemporary look with its sleek design, letting in natural light while preserving privacy.
  • Aspen™ AP200: Premium model combines beauty and strength with its 2″ thickness and patented NeuFoam™ polyurethane insulation, achieving a 0.171 U-Factor (R-Value 18.0).
  • Aspen™ AP138: Features the NeuFoam™ insulation, colors, and designs of the Aspen AP200, but in a 1-3/8” thickness with a 0.199 U-Factor (R-Value 13.0).

Encore™ Series Insulated Steel Garage Doors

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Encore™ Series steel garage doors are artfully crafted with the homeowner’s needs in mind. These robust and long-lasting doors provide thermal advantages in an array of design choices, all at an affordable price.

Encore™ Series features:

  • Encore™ EN200: Two-sided residential garage door combines style and utility with a 2″ insulated core for thermal efficiency, encased in durable steel.

Advantage Series™ Steel Pan Garage Doors

Raynor Advantage Series™ residential, steel pan garage doors provide homeowners, builders, and contractors with an exceptional quality pan door, available in a variety of options and designs to select from.

Advantage Series™ features:

  • TradeMark™: Sturdy steel construction and classic woodgrain texture at an affordable price, with optional insulation for customizable use.
  • BuildMark®: 25-gauge steel pan garage doors offer timeless style and durable construction at an affordable price, with the option for insulation based on your needs.

Customized Garage Doors in St. Louis

Discover the power of transformation with a new Raynor door, seamlessly integrated into your home’s style. 

Using Raynor’s Garage Door Design Center, you can choose from a variety of designs, including:

  • Classic
  • Farmhouse
  • Contemporary
  • Woodlook

Visualize the potential of each style on your home, selecting your ideal hue, and adding unique touches that reflect your personal taste.

Once you’ve envisioned your perfect garage door, take the next step toward making it a reality. Trust the quality workmanship, proven experience, and licensed service of Mosby Building Arts, the official Raynor garage door installer in St. Louis. 

With Mosby, you’re not just getting a new garage door, you’re investing in a durable, stylish upgrade for your home. Don’t wait to elevate your curb appeal, or to get a more functional garage for your everyday life. Schedule a consultation with Mosby Building Arts today.