Both patios and decks are great choices for an outdoor living space.  These open-air surroundings are perfect for entertaining while enjoying the outdoors. While both decks and patios are typically used for similar purposes, the fundamentals differ. Decks are often raised off the ground, and patios are usually flush with the yard.

Because they are elevated from the ground, decks can provide a great view for seeing further into the horizon. Patios tend to offer more privacy because they are built low to the ground and close to the home. You can also enclose the patio with walls or add a roof to it.

Decks require building permits and inspections while most patios don’t. Permits are required when building a deck because it involves attaching the structure to the home, and it impacts the construction. You may also need inspections to make sure the deck is built to your municipality code requirements. Patios often don’t require a permit because they are built on the ground and don’t affect the structure of the home. However, it’s always a good idea to check with your local municipality before you start building.

Building a patio is often more cost-effective because it requires less maintenance than a deck. Patios are often concrete or stone, and over time can acquire cracks and stains. Decks use more material than a patio and require more labor to build. The maintenance of a deck is higher, as they require staining, sealing, and power washing to maintain the integrity of the wood.

While decks are often a larger investment upfront, the elevated structure usually results in an increased home value, which is a great selling point to potential buyers.

Now that you have a better understanding of the pros and cons of decks and patios, it’s time to start planning your upcoming outdoor living project. Call Mosby Building Arts at 314.909.1800 or contact us here, so we can bring your outdoor oasis vision to life!