What Kind of Remodeling Customer Service Should You Expect?

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remodeling customer service

You expect a certain level of satisfactory service from a hotel stay or restaurant meal. Remodeling companies should be held to the same standards, especially because they are working inside your home. Along with quality work for a fair price, use this check list to help you decide which remodeling company to choose:

Before Hiring a Remodeling Company

• Your First Phone Call Is Answered by a Person
No one likes jumping through hoops when calling to schedule an appointment with a company. Good customer service begins with that initial call. A human voice is much more inviting than a recording.

• A Well-Prepared Sales Consulting Visit
Your first appointment sets the tone for what it will be like working with a company. Choosing a company that takes time to listen to your remodeling vision, and then has the knowledge and tools to execute them is as essential as them being polite and courteous. You shouldn’t feel pressured to enter into the working relationship that will follow. Instead, you should feel good about your decision.

During Your Remodeling Project

• Clear Communication is a Must
During the remodeling process, clear communication should be taking place. You should know When work will take place in your home, Who will be there, and What will be done.

• A Direct Contact for All Questions or Concerns
Whether it is a Project Manager, Lead Carpenter or Customer Service Representative, you should expect to be given the contact information needed to present any questions or concerns that may come up, and then have them addressed in a timely and efficient manner.

clear communication from remodeling crew

• Client Satisfaction Check Ups
Receiving a periodic phone call or e-mail to check in on how the remodel is going is a great way to ensure your satisfaction remains high and the project stays on track.

• Respect of Home, Property & Pets
Good customer service during a remodeling project extends to your home, property and any pets that may be affected by the work. Safety measures should be taken to protect them.

After Your Project is Completed

• A Follow-Up Conversation
Following up with the you once the work is done, either through a final walk-thru or a phone call, assures everyone that all areas of the work scope have been completed and expectations have been met.

• A Warranty Reminder
Customer service should not end just because the project has. A month or so before your warranty expires you should receive some form of a reminder about that. This is your opportunity to talk about any issues that may need attention and have it resolved before the warranty is up.

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