Here is the Mosby Team’s thoughts on bathtub liners.

We prefer resurfacing an existing tub because re-glazing gives the best appearance and looks less like a retrofitted item.

Durability is the main concern with this process. It chips much more easily than the original porcelain finish, and if any part of the application process is performed incorrectly it can bubble and peel over time. Also it is a somewhat messy application and your home will have a strong chemical smell for a few hours after the application.

We like this process for a second bathroom that does not see hard, everyday hard use. At Mosby Building Arts, we try to completely replace the tub whenever it is possible to give the best durability and appearance. In some cases this can be accomplished without completely rehabbing the bathroom. If you would like expert help with this project call our office at 314.909.1800 or contact us here.