Tall homes are a challenge to remodel because you need to reach those heights to do the work. At Mosby, we’re lucky to have ways to make a St. Louis exterior remodeling job easier, safer and cheaper: drones and lifts.

Previously we discussed the expense of exterior remodeling on tall homes. In summary, it’s the hours of labor and rental equipment to reach difficult heights that jack up the price of an exterior remodel or repair.

There’s also a time delay and danger when our home consultants go up on your roof to analyze a problem. And quite often, it’s impossible for one man and a ladder to get to certain parts of a house. We needed a solution to always have the accurate information our clients depend on while keeping our people safe.

Our most efficient new exterior remodeling tool is a drone. As shown in the video of a client’s roof consultation above, we’re able to get a close look at the water damage on their chimney and roof, three stories up. The agility of the drone reveals details that can be overlooked by the human eye, with the ability for everyone from our estimator to the carpenter doing the work to review the footage. Drone technology removes any trace of guesswork, allowing us to deliver the proper and lasting solutions.

The other new tool we’re grateful to have is 50’ boom lift. This is big game changer for our production crew and our clients.

For our clients, time is money. Some exterior siding and roofing jobs need an entire day just to set up scaffolding and ladders to reach difficult spots. Having our own lift greatly reduces labor time which lowers the cost of the job.

This lift speeds up the time it takes our mason, Randy Sloss, to do a chimney repair or tuckpointing, since he’s not constantly up and down on a ladder. And don’t even get us started on the major relief of the increased workplace safety!

The Mosby team continually searches for new technology, tools and innovations that will increase productivity and accuracy. Our clients reap the benefits. Win/win remodeling is a good thing. For all your St. Louis exterior remodeling needs, call the Mosby Building Arts office at 314.909.1800 or contact us here.