Remodeling Trends: Rethinking the Master Bedroom

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mosby master bedroom

Whether you call it the master bedroom, master suite or the main bedroom, it is too often the most overlooked space in the home. Which is a shame, as it’s the place where you end and begin every day. Remodeling your bedroom benefits your well-being, so let’s explore how to rethink this most important room.

The Goal
Determine what you need from this room to tailor it to your personal needs. Think about your lifestyle and the bedroom’s place in it.

Do you live in a multi-generation home and need one place for complete privacy? This is when you can turn it into a personal hotel suite with space for a beverage center, desktop, and a seating area for reading or lounging. Simply close the door for an instant vacation away from the action.

Do you need a room that makes it easy for you to relax and fall asleep? This is when you create a cocoon of thick and soft surroundings that relax you and deaden sound, window treatments that block the light and a bathroom with a tub that lets you soak away the day.

Assess how much time you currently spend in the bedroom, how much time you’d like to spend, and what you want to accomplish while there. The answers to these questions will guide your bedroom remodeling plans.

It’s All About You
Your bedroom is the most private space in your home, seldom seen by others. This frees it from coordinating with the rest of the house or accommodating the needs of others. Whatever you want and need is all that matters.

Throw away the rule book because this is the place where you can unleash your desire for lipstick red walls, or replicate Marie Antoinette’s bedroom – whatever pleases you is exactly what you can do.

It’s Also About the Closets
Storage is a strong motivating factor in home remodeling, and when it comes to the master bedroom, people are willing to sacrifice sleeping area to get more closet space.

A popular option for Empty Nesters is to meld an unused bedroom into a new master suite floorplan to create a generous new closet space. See just such a master suite remodeling project, and its before and after floorplans below:

unused bedroom becomes closet

Separate His & Hers closets make so much sense that they’re becoming a standard feature in new home construction, and something to consider for a remodel. And if you’re willing to reconfigure floor plans for more closets, give a thought to…

Nearby Laundry
Access to the laundry room from the main bedroom is a logical thought whose time has finally come. When over half of what’s being washed belongs in the bedroom, why not have that as close to the bedrooms as possible? A stackable washer and dryer in a hall closet, or dedicating part of a master bathroom to laundry are a couple of time-saving solutions to this inescapable household chore.

mosby master bathroom

Make It Easy On Yourself
Your bedroom is a safe place of refuse, so make it easy to use for years to come by incorporating universal design features. Start with an extra wide entry into the master chamber, add several layers of ambient and task lighting, install a low- or no-clearance threshold on a walk-in shower with bench seating and grab bars, and raise the height of the vanities and toilet. These simple changes create an accessible bedroom that works for you during every stage of your life.

Once you begin thinking differently about the private room where you spend so much of your life, it becomes an exciting opportunity to treat yourself well. To begin the process of creating your perfect master suite, call the designers and builders at St. Louis remodeling firm Mosby Building Arts at 314.909.1800 or contact them here.