If it’s time to replace your windows, the many options you have can be daunting, but there is some basic information you should keep in mind when exploring the right windows for your home.

Styles and Operability

The operability of a window is how it functions. Here are some common window styles and how they operate:

Picture Windows

Picture windows stay fixed and don’t open or close. Picture windows are for letting natural light into the house and allowing the homeowner a great view of the outside.

Casement Windows

Unlike picture windows, casement windows are operable and can swing open from the left or the right side.

Slider Windows

Slider windows do just want it sounds like. They slide open from the left or the right.

Single Hung Windows

Single hung windows are windows where only the bottom sash of the window is operable and can open and close up and down.

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are the most popular style window with homeowners, and unlike single hung windows, both the top and bottom sash of the windows are operable and can open and close; this gives the windows more versatility than the previously mentioned windows.

Other things to consider are the color and shape of the window.

Window Materials and Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is an important subject to think about when considering replacement windows. The energy efficiency of your windows will save you money on your heating and cooling bills, and it will also make your home much more comfortable to be inside.

The type of material a window is made is a determining factor on how efficient the window will be.  Let’s look at some examples:

Aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows heat up and don’t make the best insulators. Therefore, aluminum windows aren’t the best choice for energy efficiency.

Wood Windows

Wood tends to expand and contract with temperature changes which could create air leak issues in wood windows.

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl is a low maintenance window option that often comes in several colors and operable styles. They are popular in newly built homes because they are a cost-effective and energy efficient solution.

Fiberglass windows are highly durable, and like vinyl, they are low maintenance and have high energy efficiency.

The number of windows panes, the type of coatings that are applied to the window panes and the type of gases that are filled in between the window panes also play an integral part in the overall energy efficiency of a window.

Finding a Window Installer

Choosing the right window installer is just as important as choosing the right window for your home. Even the best window will perform poorly if installed incorrectly. Installers that have a comprehensive approach to how the windows are integrated with the rest of the house will ensure the window is installed correctly. Installers that just quickly swap out the windows may not be looking for things that could cause issues down the road. A solid window and trusted window installer are worth the investment.

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