We do offer installation of all kinds of siding, but our preference is Certainteed Fiber Cement siding. It is similar to Hardie Board but is has a few subtle differences that make us like it a little better than James Hardie.

Aluminum and steel siding are good products but do not deliver the same appearance as a true lapped sided surface like wood or fiber cement. Aluminum and steel siding are installed pretty much the same way as vinyl siding, but is not as tight to the wall and has open areas at intersections of windows, etc. It will also allow drafts to go into and behind the wall covering.

True lap siding is more resistant to the elements than what you are describing.

Fiber cement is also more resistant to hail damage and easier to repair if it is damaged. Most importantly, don’t waste your time trying to fix damaged masonite siding, and do not simply cover it up. We always remove the damaged siding and install Tyvek and then the siding of your choice. Leaving the old masonite under new siding is like leaving behind a wet sponge; it wont dry out and will decay further.