Being pro-active about your home’s needs is never a bad thing. Waiting for something to go wrong can put you in a bind when repairs are required right away, so getting ahead of the game can pay off. This includes making sure your siding is in good shape or knowing when your siding is nearing its end. Here’s a few ways to tell if your siding needs to be replaced:


  • The color has faded
  • There are cracks in the siding
  • There is a chalky substance on the siding that can be rubbed off by your hand (vinyl siding)
  • Dirt and grime are harder to rinse off (vinyl siding)
  • Woodpeckers keep picking at the siding (wood siding)
  • The siding is rotting (wood siding)
  • Wood knots pop out of the siding (wood, particularly cedar)


Keeping the exterior of your home updated is how you keep the elements outside, from higher heating/cooling bills and unwanted pests, to annoying water leaks. Calling a professional exterior remodeling company will help you keep your exterior healthy and strong. To schedule an appointment with an Exteriors by Mosby consultant, call 314-909-1800, or go online here.