The Expense of Exterior Remodeling on Tall Homes

by | Exteriors by Mosby

Tall Home

You can’t deny the impressiveness of a tall home. Homeowners who have such homes are sure to be proud of the elegance and style. But the beauty of these homes will eventually need repair and maintenance. It may not cross the homeowner’s mind just how labor intensive the process will be compared to homes that are closer to ground level. And this added labor means added price for repairs.

The house above was a home that Exteriors by Mosby remodeled a couple years ago. The job entailed replacing the siding on the exterior of the house. The 1st and 2nd floors weren’t issues as normal equipment could be used to reach these areas. The problem came when it was time to reach the 3rd story and the top of the chimney. This presented a challenge for our production team to find ways to safely reach those areas to make the repairs. Because of this the clients had sticker shock at the cost of the project due to the additional labor required to get up to those areas to do the work.

For tall homes that are built into the side of hills, atop ridges, and with big backyard drop off, access to them can be a serious concern. In these instances contractors will most likely need equipment they don’t typically use every day, like extra scaffolding, extra fall protection, 48’ or 60’ ladders which will need to be rented and specially transported to the job site. It could take 2-3 laborers just to set up the ladders.

Tall Home Under Remodeling

Once everything is set up, you still have to factor the time it will take to scale up and the down the platforms to get materials, tools and to set up in different areas as the job progresses along the house. This all factors into job completion time and labor cost. The example above shows a good flat surface to set up scaffolding and ladders. With homes that have more complex landscaping, decks, uneven ground or even bigger drop offs, all of the labor and time is multiplied.

If you’re in the market for a home it’s important to ask yourself if you are ready to take on the extra cost that will come when repairs and maintenance are needed when owning a tall home.

For work like this it’s important to choose a professional and reliable remodeling company that has experience with these types of work environments. This will guarantee your job is completed in the most efficient and safe way possible. The experts at Exteriors by Mosby will do just that.  To schedule a free consultation, call 314-909-8383, or go online here.