Indulging your creativity leads to a sense of well-being. When a past-time blossoms into an integral part of your life, designing the ideal space in your home to create becomes a smart investment in your mental and physical health. To encourage your pursuit of happiness, take inspiration from the following St. Louis hobby rooms.

01 mosby kids craft room

A Children’s Arts & Crafts Room

An energetic grandmother turns an unfinished basement in Creve Coeur into a lively and organized (and easy to keep clean!) place for her grandchildren’s imaginations to run free.

02 mosby kids craft room

Kid-size furniture makes it easy to create. A long wall of custom-cabinetry provides each child their own section of shelves and drawers to stash their supplies, and the bench even makes it possible for the littlest to reach the upper shelves. There’s even a pedal-operated utility sink in the hall across from this room dedicated to creativity.

03 mosby gift wrapping room

 A Gift Wrapping Room

In the same basement, and right next door, is a creative space for the adults. The room is designed for gift wrapping, with an impressive wall cabinet built to meet the specific needs of storing and dispensing ribbons and paper. The work table is two Wellborn base cabinets with open shelving joined by a walnut tabletop.

04 mosby gift wrapping room

The studio transitions into a home office, which means both grandparents (and their dog!) spend a lot of time in this room discovering new inspirations and activities. See more photos of both of these creative spaces.

05 mosby hunting closet

A Hunting Closet

Hunting is a hobby that requires cunning and concentration, and a way to store and protect the equipment. A Chesterfield garage addition includes a 10 x 10 foot, cedar-lined hunting closet with floor-to-ceiling open shelving.

06 mosby hungting closet

The hunting closet even includes a work space with drawers and a safe for responsibly housing guns and ammo. With its pleasant aroma, a large window for natural light and fresh air, and a calming sense of order, the hunter spends quality time cleaning and fine-tuning while awaiting the start of each new hunting season. See more photos of the garage where this hunting closet resides.

07 mosby quilting studio

A Quilting Studio

A one-car attached garage in Affton was used only for storage while the home was overflowing as a make-shift quilting space. By turning the garage into a workspace, our client has the ultimate quilting studio while freeing up space in the rest of her home.

08 mosby quilting studio

The space is divided into an upper deck for research and drawing patterns, and the lower deck where quilts are made. Built-in storage is plentiful and clever (like under the window bench seat!) and portions of the walls are lined with padded fabric so patterns can be tacked up for easier access. Track lighting serves as task lighting and to show off finished quilts. It’s a productive and pleasurable place.  See more photos of this quilting studio.

May these projects inspire ideas for your own special creative space. And for help bringing that room to life, call the Mosby Building Arts office at 314.909.1800 or contact them here.