It may not be a hot conversational topic but getting a new toilet is a job homeowners will most likely have to do. Whether you are replacing a toilet as part of a larger remodel or just getting rid of the old one, there are a few things to take into account before choosing a toilet.

Size and Shape

For smaller bathrooms the size and shape of the toilet can be important for space constraints; any extra inch saved can be valuable to the homeowner.  The classic round toilet bowl roughly measures 25’’-28’’ running from the tip of the bowl to the wall. Elongated toilet bowls, known for their comfort, extend out 29’’-31’’ and compact elongated bowls are the “goldilocks” middle ground between the two.

Toilet Shapes

If you do switch to a different style bowl, measure it out. You don’t want to be cutting into any necessary space. Another aspect of determining size would be two- piece toilets versus one-piece toilets. One-piece toilets are more streamlined so they provide a little extra room.


Next up is height. The typical height for a toilet is 14’’-15’’ from the top of the seat to the ground.  Then there’s the comfort height toilet. A little basic geometry can help illustrate how the comfort height toilet differs from regular toilets.  Pictured below are a couple of stick figures, notice how the right stick figure’s legs make a 90” angle for a more natural seated position,  a more acute angle gives you a lower seating position. This is because the comfort height toilet mimics how you would sit on a standard chair.  For some the lower seating may actually be more comfortable while others may think it’s easier to sit and stand from a taller toilet. Keep this picture in mind when determining the correct height for you.

stick figure

Water Usage

Starting in the mid-90’s federal regulations changed the standard for a toilets average gallons per flush. The standard used to be over 3 gallons of water per flush but that has since been lowered to 1.6 gallons or less. This pushed companies to create toilets that adapted to these regulations. Thus, the low flow toilet was born! Using the natural force of gravity (and maybe a little pressurized air) these toilets push out less amounts of water. You can also purchase toilets that have different options for the amount of water being used depending on if it’s liquid or solid waste that’s being flushed.

Wave of the future

Industries are always developing new technology to improve their customers experience; the plumbing industry is no different.  Some examples of new technology for bathrooms are touch-less toilet kits like the one from Kohler that provide a toilet flush with just a wave of the hand. No more germy toilet handles!  Other high tech amenities like heated toilet seats, and toilet lid activated night lights are also emerging to give the homeowner that little extra comfort.

Toilet Wave

Whether you need a toilet replacement or full bathroom remodel, Right Bath is an affordable, fast, and reliable solution to your bathroom needs. For help choosing the toilet that’s right for you call us at 314-909-1820 or contact us on line.