Virtual Remodeling: See Your Projects Before Making a Decision

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Virtual remodeling is the use of software programs that makes it easy to explore design options. It is a cost-effective – and, frankly, fun – way to see the possibilities before making a final decision. From simple home improvements to large remodeling projects, here are some virtual design programs to explore.

01 sherwin williams virtual paint colors


Conquering the fear of picking a paint color gets easier when every click brings a new shade possibility. The Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap Visualizer lets you “paint scenes” of living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, baths and exteriors using their endless array of paint colors. Before making your final decision, do buy small samples of the paint to test on your walls so you see it in every possible lighting situation. This virtual process will save time and anxiety.

02 armstrong interactive room designer


When it comes to indecision, choosing a floor is right up there with picking paint colors – so many choices! Armstrong Flooring’s Interactive Room Designer asks you to choose a room and a style. Wisely, they also ask you to choose a paint color for the space. Then you choose which type of flooring (laminate, vinyl or hardwood) and point and click with gleeful abandon.

03 gaf roofing and shingle choices


Creating a cohesive and attractive look for the exterior of your home is possible with the virtual remodeler feature from roofing and siding manufacturer GAF.  At this link, choose the style of house that best matches your own, and easily try out combinations of roof shingles, trim and siding. Once you’ve identified the products you like best (and you’re in the Metro St. Louis area), team with Exteriors By Mosby to bring the project to life.


Larger remodeling projects also benefit from virtual reality. Remodeling is a considerable investment of money and time, so you need to be positive you’ve made the right decision before going forward.

Architectural drafting and drawing programs convert floor plans and material selections into a detailed 3D tour so you can virtually walk through a room. This is a valuable visualization tool for both you and the designer because you can try every option in a precise and cost-effective manner.

Here is an example of how virtual remodeling benefited a recent kitchen remodel by Mosby Building Arts:

04 mosby render plan a

The original owners of a Wildwood, MO home were ready for a new kitchen. Laminate cabinets, cheap flooring and inadequate lighting were the pain points. The lady of the home was a serious baker and longed for better storage, new appliances and an island with a generous worktop.

Their Mosby kitchen designer presented them with two design ideas. Plan A (shown above) would remove the wall between the kitchen and dining room to create an open floor plan, with an all-encompassing kitchen island with peninsula.

05 mosby render plan b

Plan B (above) keeps the wall between the kitchen and dining room so more cabinetry could be added. The kitchen island is smaller but packed with storage options.

Because the homeowners could explore all of the details of both plans, they were able to make a firm decision that Plan B was best for them because it took care of all their storage needs. With a design plan in place, they could now concentrate on materials selections for cabinets, countertops and flooring, and those selections were turned into a more detailed 3D drawing (below) that gets even closer to what it would look like when built:

06 mosby plan b ray trace

07 mosby kitchen as built

And here’s the best part – comparing the drawing to the finished project! See more photos of this Mosby kitchen remodel.

Virtual 3D remodeling gives you and your project team a precise road map to success. Seeing all the details in advance helps calm concerns, worries and indecision during the design phase, and can eliminate the need for expensive change orders during construction.

To experience the peace of mind that virtual remodeling brings, call the Mosby office at 314.909.1800 or contact them here.