houzz ideal kitchen

If the kitchen shown above comes close to what your ideal kitchen would look like, you’re in good company. This photo has been added to the most ideabooks on Houzz, and falls in line with the aspirations of the 7,812 people who responded to a recent Houzz kitchen survey.

Houzz Kitchen Survey Results

Countertops: The quickest way to update a kitchen is with new countertops, and 94% of registered Houzz users plan to replace theirs with granite or quartz.  Butcher block, wood and other solid surfaces trail far behind.

For St. Louis clients, Mosby designer Adrienne Nienkamp has seen a trend toward white countertops, in either quartz or marble.

Backsplashes: Ceramic tile remains the clear favorite (50%), with glass tile coming in second with 15%.  In Metro St. Louis, glass tile has been gaining in popularity because it’s a smart way to add glamor in small doses. 

Flooring: For over 32% of respondents, hardwood and tile are practically tied for first place for the most-desired kitchen flooring. Engineered wood and stone rack up single-digit responses.

Designer Jill Worobec, with Mosby Building Arts in St. Louis, MO, is seeing more homeowners opt for porcelain floor tile that mimics wood, cork or leather. It’s a new way to get luxury materials with the durability of tile.

integrate appliance into cabinets

Appliance Finishes: Stainless steel appliances are clearly the winner at 65%. 16% would like to integrate the appliances into the cabinetry (shown above), 12% are embracing the new trend of white or colored appliances, and an adventurous 7% will combine finishes.

Cooking Appliances: When dreaming of the ideal kitchen, a large, chef’s stove tops the list of desired appliances, followed by double ovens and induction cooktops. A wine refrigerator, dishwasher drawer and a pot filler also make the list, but come in well under 10%.

For St. Louis kitchen remodels, Mosby designers are creating zones for specific purposes, such as cooking, food prep, entertaining and helping guests to serve themselves. 

Does Size Matter?
Only 37% of the Houzz survey replies planned to enlarge their kitchen. Instead, they are motivated to improve the look, feel and function while vastly improving storage. You can create the feeling of space by removing walls that divide the kitchen from other rooms, and 77% of respondents do want it to open onto other rooms so they can incorporate a kitchen island into the floor plan.

It’s All About You
Some remodeling decisions are made with a future, unknown buyer in mind. Learning that only 38% want their kitchen to increase home value means the remodel is for them and their family, and they plan to stay around to enjoy it.

How much of the Houzz survey do you agree with? Are there items you desire that didn’t make the national list?
You can create your ideal Metro St. Louis kitchen with the Certified Kitchen Designers at Mosby Building Arts. See a portfolio of Mosby kitchen remodeling projects. To get started on your kitchen, call the Mosby office at 314.909.1800 or contact them here.