For any relationship to be successful, it must be built on a foundation of trust and mutual respect. This is applicable not only in marriages and friendships, but it’s paramount to that of an interior designer and homeowner, as well. Some of the best design projects happen when designers and homeowners trust one another.  This is when true collaboration occurs, and the result is a design that both client and designer are proud to display.

Homeowners often times ruminate over a home remodeling project for weeks, maybe years, before beginning the formal process of hiring a professional remodeler. People tend to do extensive research prior to deciding who they’ll feel comfortable letting into their homes for extended periods of time. They will check out review sites, social media pages, BBB and ask friends and family members.

Once your list is narrowed down to a few companies, make sure to consider more than just price. Always take into consideration how you feel about the “who” you will be partnering with. Do you have a good rapport? Do you connect with this person? Are they respectful? Are they truly listening and understanding what you are saying? If you and your remodeling partner don’t jive, the project is unlikely to be a success. Good chemistry felt from the initial meeting forges an important bond for the rest of the project and beyond. 

Designer Jake Spurgeon says, “Designers are like friends who clients invite into their homes to share stories with and get to know their families.  Therefore, it’s important that clients find someone whom they vibe with, a designer with a personality and work habits like their own.”

Finding a successful designer match for yourself is a bit like dating. During a presentation, most designers will review his/her historic work, or portfolio. You should look at past designs and notice the styles. If the portfolio is predominantly rustic or farmhouse and your taste is bold and modern, then that designer may not be the best fit. If the project is for your home, then it’s best to hire someone with residential expertise, versus a commercial designer. 

Another important part of the designer/homeowner relationship is navigating the budget. From the beginning, you should be clear with your budget comfort zone and which items are must haves, and which are wishes. For example, if a luxurious item like wallpaper is something you really want but isn’t within your budget, there are many other ways to achieve the same look. If you and your designer have a good working relationship, you can go back and forth exploring options until you find the look that makes you (and your wallet) happy.

Another key to a successful partnership is remembering that designers are very talented, but not mind readers. It’s very important you communicate your vision and expectations every step of the way to ensure the finished look is one you’ll be happy with. Alternately, part of a designer’s job is to help educate you about options and what is attainable and what is not. In a good partnership, you and your designer will establish realistic expectations at the onset of the project for successful end results.

Keeping an open dialogue and remembering that you and your designer are on the same team, working towards a common goal, will pay off in the end. Amazing design happens when homeowners can let go, trust and have confidence in their designer’s ability. Mosby designers also remind homeowners to trust the partnership and not be afraid if we challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone. Sometimes that small push is just what you need to achieve the look you never knew you wanted!

When thinking back over all of his projects over the years, Mosby Designer Jake Spurgeon shares, “At the end of the day, the goal is to create a space my client is happy with and I want to make the process as enjoyable as possible. Of course, there might be hiccups along the way, but if my client has chartered a roadmap with me from the start, they’ll know the direction we’re heading. Just trust me along the way and allow yourself to have fun in the process.”

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