Outdoor living and kitchen spaces are cooking up a lot of interest among St. Louis residents. There are many health benefits to spending more time outdoors. Not to mention, hosting outside is a lot more fun (and usually requires less clean up). Thinking about transforming the outdoor space of your home into your personal oasis? Here are some of the best features for outdoor living spaces in St. Louis. 

1. Hot Tubs

Nothing screams of R&R more than kicking back in a hot tub, jets blasting bubbles while sipping some bubbly. Take in the romantic night sky or soak your everyday aches in the morning in the privacy of your backyard.

Hot tubs are easy to install, as long as you have a flat surface. They fit perfectly on decks or patios made of concrete, wood, or brick. 

Get it professionally installed on a freshly laid foundation for perfect leveling. Also, consider getting an awning added to your roof porch for additional privacy.

2. Pizza Ovens

Enjoy restaurant-quality pineapple pizza without the fear of judgment. Make feeding a large number of people at a party a breeze. Have pizza anytime with an outdoor pizza oven!

Wood-fired pizza ovens are growing in popularity in St. Louis. They’re easy to maintain, provide a distinct flavor, and are also excellent for roasting meats. 

Installing a wood-fired oven might require zoning and permits. Make sure you get a licensed St. Louis contractor to file the proper paperwork and install your wood-fired pizza oven correctly.

A wood-fired pizza oven may be too large for some yards. You can still indulge in artisan pizza by getting an electric or gas pizza oven. Some of these options are even portable.

3. Firepits

For generations, fire has brought families together. They provide a means of cooking, warmth, and socialization. Whether it’s telling ghost stories in the fall, sipping cider in the winter, making S’mores in the spring, or having a beer in the summer, firepits are always in season!

One of the most popular options is to build a new fire pit in the actual yard. This process could be laborious, as it requires arranging very heavy stones. 

However, the outcome is stunning and rewarding. Of course, you can always hire a licensed professional to help build a firepit for your St. Louis property.

For smaller plots, you might not have room for a stone pit. Instead, you can add a chiminea to your deck. 

There are many considerations to take with this option. You must make sure the chiminea is about 10 feet from anything combustible and that it’s placed on adequate materials. 

These considerations are especially important if your deck is wooden. Please consult a licensed professional in St. Louis before installing a chiminea on your deck. 

4. Outdoor Fridges

No kitchen is complete without a refrigerator and freezer. The same can be said for outdoor kitchens.

Why walk in and out of the house while hosting? It’ll just let in bugs, hot/cold air, dirt, and more. Simplify the process with outdoor refrigeration.

Outdoor fridges allow you to streamline your hosting duties. You’ll spend less time prepping and more time socializing.

Optimize your space by putting all of the essentials in one place. Many St. Louis homeowners are creating freestanding islands that have ovens, mini-fridges, side burners, and more. 

5. Pools

When temps hit the 90s in St. Louis, there’s nothing better than wading around in the privacy of your own pool. Pools provide exercise, stimulation, and fun for children. They also create a serene backdrop for adults looking to unwind with a good book.

Maximize your sun-worshipping. Install an above-ground pool with a deck. Alternate between lying out in the sun and then catching some shade in a newly built cabana. 

In-ground pools are seeing more demand in St. Louis. They are more resistant to weather conditions, so there is less need for upkeep and repair. Plus, they are a beaut to look at!

If you’re looking to upgrade your outdoor space, choose a trusted contractor like Mosby Building Arts, with a proven track record of filing the right paperwork and doing a high-quality job.