5 of The Hottest Bathroom Remodel Trends in St. Louis

by | May 12, 2022 | Miscellaneous

Remodeling your bathroom is an excellent opportunity to modernize your living space, improve its functionality, and increase the value of your St. Louis home. A bathroom is one of the only places that a person gets any privacy…many parents can certainly attest! You might as well transform this space into the sanctuary you deserve. Here are some of the top trends for bathroom remodeling in St. Louis houses!

1. Shower Wall Slabs

Do you ever get tired of scrubbing mildew out from in between tiles or having to replace the grout? Cut down on cleaning your shower and focus on cleaning yourself with shower wall slabs. 

A shower wall slab is a smooth piece of material, like stone or ceramic. It’s a singular surface, so there is less room for dirt and grime to accumulate. Daily upkeep is simple because it can be done with a few swipes of a paper towel rather than scrubbing away at mold with a brush.

The most popular shower wall slabs are made of quartz or porcelain. It is important to hire a professional to make sure the slabs are sealed properly. You don’t want mold in between the wall.

These materials are not only easy to upkeep, but they give your bathroom a minimalist vibe. You will feel like you have more space. 

2. Floating Vanity

Maximize your space with a modern twist on a classic design. Increase your storage with a floating vanity.

As the name applies, floating vanities don’t touch the floor. These popular pieces are installed at a height appropriate for sink and mirror functionality. Don’t worry! Many floating vanities still come with plenty of drawer space for the bathroom essentials. Now you will also have storage space underneath to place a magazine rack, towel holders, a hamper, a cushioned bench, and more!

3. More Windows 

Since bathrooms are very moist, they are prone to bacteria and mold growth. Proper airflow is crucial for keeping toxin levels low. 

Install a window in your bathroom, specifically in the shower. Make sure that the window is frosted so that you can enjoy privacy during your cleaning rituals.

A bathroom is also where you can come to relax. Install a skylight above your tub or jacuzzi so you can stargaze and soak after a long day. 

4. Heated Floors

St. Louis temperatures can get frigid in the fall and winter. Nothing is more jarring than stepping out of a hot shower and onto a cold floor.

Ease your transition from a cozy shower to a cold bathroom. Install floors with radiant heat.

Heated floors are also great for those who take a long time getting ready. The wife and kids can curl their hair, apply their makeup, and change their outfits in comfort. Of course, those who like to use the toilet and scroll on their phone will also appreciate their warm toes! 

5. Expand Your Space

Is your bathroom next to an old bedroom or office that’s no longer in use? Make that space useful again by knocking down the wall. Expand your bathroom to create the ultimate getaway. Creating more space in your bathroom gives you the opportunity to add an extra sink, tub, jacuzzi, or even a sauna.

Additionally, you can section off areas in the bathroom, thanks to the extra space. Create a separate toilet and hand wash area so as to not disturb your spouse in the hot tub.

Section off a spot for a massage table, an area for cleaning the dogs, or a lounge area for a foot bath. The possibilities are endless when you have more space to work!

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