Ice forms Thursday, December, 23, 2004., on a street sign on Coldstream in Danville,KY. (The Advocate- Messenger/Clay Jackson)

It’s a cold morning in January; the winter frost is in full force. You get up to start your day and head to the bathroom. You step foot onto your bathroom floor and your met with the instant chill of the tile. Talk about a wakeup call! While some may like this morning jolt, most would prefer a warmer start. The answer for those seeking warmth could be heated flooring.

While heated flooring is becoming more and more popular, it’s actually an ancient building technique that goes as far back as the Roman and Greek Empires, who built heating systems to keep their bath houses and other buildings warm.

So how do you achieve this heated haven in your bathroom? To begin, a heat source has to be chosen. The two most common heat sources are electric or hydronic.

Hydronic Floor Heating

hydronic heating

Hydronic heating deals with a system of tubing where warm water is pumped through tubes from the water heater or boiler beneath the flooring.  This type of heating can be an increased cost up front, but you won’t see an upwards in your energy bills, and in some instances, it may decrease throughout the life of the home.

Generally speaking, the hydronic system is more effective for a larger area or even the entire house and can act as a primary heat source. The system is installed between the subfloor and the new flooring. The system is run constantly during the winter to keep an even temperature.

Electric Floor Heating

electric heated flooring

This system uses electric wires that run underneath the flooring to radiate heat. The electric wires are usually controlled by your home’s thermostat. It’s great for smaller areas of the home and can be set on a timer, perfect if you want it warm in the morning and cool in the afternoon.

While electric heated flooring is customizable, it can be costly to run and you will probably notice a difference in your electric bill. However, that may be a small price to pay for a luxury many would love to have.

Flooring Materials

Both heating types work best with flooring that conducts heat. You’ll want to stick with stone or ceramic tile. Wood flooring will dry out and crack and carpeting will insulate the heat restricting the warmth you’re looking for in heated flooring.

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