A bathroom vanity serves a few purposes from just pure aesthetics, to storage, and the housing unit for your sink. There are a variety of options to choose from. Let’s explore a few of them.

Wood Cabinet Vanity

Reichelt Hall c

Wood cabinet vanities are great for those looking to keep a traditional or transitional look in their bathroom.  Along with the variety of finishes and door styles, wood cabinet vanities come in several sizes and are great if storage is a must as they can feature drawers and pull out shelves.  The vanity counter top is an added design element that can be a highlight of the overall look of your bathroom. Counter top materials can range from acrylic materials, man-made solid surfaces like onyx or cultured marble or natural stones like granite or quartz.

Pedestal Sinks

Kopp - 01 - 02

Pedestal sinks have been a long-standing fixture of bathrooms for decades. They bring a classic feel and are nice for smaller full bathrooms or powder rooms as they don’t take up much space, but still have the same functionality of any other bathroom sink. Just like anything else in your bathroom, pedestal sinks come in many different designs that will fit the overall style of your bathroom.

A Refurbished Vanity from Old Furniture

rustic vanity

Re-purposing old materials and furniture is surging in popularity among home owners and designers.  A great space to incorporate refurbished materials is in the bathroom. The above photograph is a fantastic example of this. The homeowners re-purposed an old kitchen cabinet for their master bathroom to capture the rustic feel they were going for. Refurbishing materials can really help you put your own design mark on the space.

Table Vanities

Abrams Powder (1)

Unique table vanities like the one shown above can bring an extra flair to a powder room or a bathroom where storage isn’t a big priority. It still serves a functional purpose while becoming a highlight of the bathroom.

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