COVID-19 has caused all of us to change our perspectives and shift our priorities. The pandemic forced us to spend more time at home. This change in pace has prompted thousands of St. Louis homeowners to rethink their living spaces. 

The world started spending more time outdoors because it was safer and healthier. While COVID-19 is slowly fading away, the trend of optimizing your outdoor spaces isn’t. In fact, it’s increasing! Here are some positive effects of spending time outdoors, and how you can improve your outdoor living space in St. Louis! 

1. Improves your mood

Ever get so upset that you needed to go take a walk to blow off some steam? A change of scenery does help. However, there is real science behind being outside and improving your mood. 

The sun is our primary source of Vitamin D. UV rays from the sun hit the skin, react with cholesterol, and Vitamin D is created. 

Studies suggest that low levels of Vitamin D are associated with depression and anxiety. Many scientists note the shorter winter days and the fact that we stay indoors where it’s warmer, are primary reasons for seasonal blues…and Vitamin D is the key to the whole puzzle.

You should spend at least 120 minutes per week outdoors. Easily meet these goals with a couple of outdoor projects

Think about adding on a deck where you can play board games and read a book. Install a fire pit to hang around, especially to fight off mosquitos at dusk. Set up a zen garden for yoga, meditation, or your morning coffee. There’s a reason to go outdoors any time of the day!

2.  Supports Focus and Productivity 

We live in a fast-paced, digital world. Being outdoors slows down that pace. There’s less stimulation from screens, distractions from ads, or loud music from streaming services. Instead, you have plants, the sun, and birds singing. It’s the way humans evolved. Going outside is going back to your roots. 

With less stimulation, we can hit the reset button for our brains. In fact, studies involving hyperactive children found that they concentrated better after spending time outside. 

Being in nature simplifies things. You’re not hit with information overload. It allows you to think with a much clearer head about things that are important to you. 

Consider creating an outdoor office space or virtual classroom. Turn laps into brainstorm sessions by installing a pool. Release your inhibitions and tap into your truest potential by optimizing your outdoor living spaces!

3. Detoxes Your Body

While our homes are our safe havens, it’s also the primary culprit for our environmental toxin exposures. Everything from the chemicals in our cleaning supplies, dust in our vents, and mold in our showers increases our exposure to toxins.

Going outdoors brings more fresh oxygen into your body. This oxygen helps your lungs expel all of the allergens from inside of your house out of your body. 

Boost your time outdoors by putting in a patio. Install a koi pond with a fountain and birdbath. Find things that you love about nature, and accentuate them to get the most out of your enjoyment.

4. Boosts Your Physical Activity 

Just being outdoors lends itself to being more active. Kids are more likely to jump rope, and adults are keener to toss around a ball outdoors versus indoors.

Our bodies like movement. It helps shake up the insides, which aids in removing waste and toxins from the body. 

Physical exercise is also essential for cardiovascular health. Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the world. 

For millions, this fate is preventable. Getting up, getting out, and getting a move-on will help support a stronger heart. 

Crush your fitness by creating an outdoor studio. Install a retractable awning on your deck. Convert your garage into the ultimate workout room. The possibilities are endless, and so are the health rewards!

5. It’s More Fun!

Being outdoors sparks that sense of childhood wonder. Without voices echoing off of walls, people are more likely to let a little loose outdoors. That’s why entertaining guests outdoors has increased by up to 45% among homeowners!

It’s the more, the merrier when it comes to gatherings with friends and family. However, indoor spaces can be restrictive for these get-togethers. Boost your party space by taking festivities outdoors. 

Outdoor kitchens are the most popular outdoor living space trend in St. Louis. It allows you to go beyond grilling and offer a variety of health-forward options for your guests. Of course, there’s plenty of room for the grill, too.

Many homeowners are also transforming their yards into their personal rec centers. Bocce, volleyball, and shuffleboard enthusiasts are building their own courts. Bring sand, will play!

There are so many reasons to go outdoors and so many opportunities to make it happen. Discuss your possibilities with Mosby Building Arts. Visit us at our Kirkwood Studio or contact us on our website.