5 Things Keeping Your Home from Looking its Best

by | Apr 14, 2016 | Design & Remodeling, Designer Talk

Jillian Brinkman

There’s no need for you to “sweat the small stuff” when you work with Mosby Building Arts designer Jillian Brinkman. Her client’s appreciate her attention to detail, and this article on overlooked items that can bog down your home’s style is a great example of her eyes that see everything!

There’s no denying when it’s time to update your home;  when you’re constantly aware of what’s wrong or what could be better, it’s definitely time to make some changes. We at Mosby love a good remodeling project, naturally, but sometimes you can make some relatively simple changes that breathe new life into your home. Here are some often-overlooked problem areas that keep your home from looking its best:

01 west elm accordian light

1. Inadequate Lighting

Sufficient lighting is crucial because it boosts melatonin production which in turn improves your mood. Studies have shown that improper lighting can cause health-related issues like fatigue, stress and headaches, and during the winter is often referred to as Seasonal Affective Disorder. Make it easy on yourself by adding more lighting in your home, and letting in more natural light as well. A great idea to avoid straining your eyes while reading is to add an accordion-style wall-mounted light (shown above) as an alternative to table or floor-lamps.

Pro Tip: Consider adding LED recessed can lights on a dimmer switch to the rooms where you like to feel productive in.

Green Tip: Sun-tunnels and skylights are a great way to make use of natural daylight.

02 mosby door hardware

2. Unattractive Metal Hardware

It’s all about the details! Say goodbye to dingy door hinges and door knobs and hello to new fresh metal in attractive colors like stainless steel, oil rubbed bronze, or matte black. Take this opportunity to introduce unexpected style details like Craftsman or Colonial shaped hardware.

Pro Tip: New hardware on old doors is an instant pick me up. For the 125 year old door shown above, we installed brand new handles that respected the era of the home, and this small detail made an old door shine like a new penny.

03 mosby wood molding and trim

3. Mismatched Woodwork

Molding in the spaces we live help convey warmth and beauty. If there are too many different shapes, sizes and colors, though, it can create a subtle unease. Keeping baseboards and casings consistent throughout your home creates a cohesive look that’s a great finishing touch. Adding crown molding, wainscot paneling, and taller baseboards are a great start to dress up your spaces.

Pro Tip: White board and batten paneling is a simplistic approach to wainscoting that looks great in hallways and dining rooms.

04 mosby finished basement

4. Décor Items That Are No Longer Your Style

Over time tastes and lifestyles change, so as you look around the house ask yourself “Do I still love this?” It’s okay to let go of items you purchased and loved at one time but that no longer fit your style. You don’t need to keep stuff just to fill holes – that’s how clutter is made.

Pro Tip: Blank space is the secret to highlighting favorite pieces or themes. As part of the basement remodeling project shown above, great effort was made to edit the amount of decorative items so that the rustic and reclaimed wood pieces would pop out and set the tone of the room.

05 mosby condo remodel open space

5. Bulky Furniture

It’s common to find furniture that’s out-of-scale with the rooms they’re in. If you’re struggling to walk around your furniture to get to the other side of the room, you might have an over-sized piece that’s too awkward to keep. Consider removing pieces that are too heavy, dark or tall. And don’t be afraid of blank walls – negative space makes the furniture more compelling.

Pro Tip: Allow for breathing room around your furniture pieces. Note how much space is between the pieces in the condo remodeling project shown above. Nice wide walkways and circulation areas around tables and sofa make a room feel more comfortable and inviting.