Mosby Building Arts is committed to helping you love your home and all of the events that take place inside. With the holidays right around the corner, we thought we would take a break from all of the remodeling talk and pass along a few hosting tips to help make your holidays extra merry.

Welcoming Entrance

Now that it is getting dark earlier, make your home visible to your guests that arrive in the evening. This is especially helpful for guests coming to your home for the first time. Install landscape lighting that highlights your door and walkways. Hang holiday decorations to welcome your guests before they even set foot inside.

Coat Drop-Off

Designate a spot for guests’ coats and purses. Make room in a coat closet by the front door, set out a free-standing coat rack, or choose a spare bedroom as a drop-off zone. Guests often come in with platters or gifts, so have a drop-off area where your guests can quickly set things down. To protect your floors from snowy, leaf-covered shoes, place a doormat down on both sides of the front door.

Beverage Center

Once guests arrive, proper etiquette is to offer them a beverage. Have drinks on ice and ready to serve. Keep things easy by creating a beverage center in a space away from the kitchen. This will allow guests to continue to grab their own drinks and feel at home. To make bartending even easier, select a few festive pre-mixed cocktails and set out in pitchers.

Kitchen Prep

Prep as much food ahead of time as possible. Wipe down kitchen counters, put extra dishes away and begin the party with an empty dishwasher. Fill a large bin with warm, soapy water for soaking heavily -soiled platters. This will make your job much easier later after the guests have left. Set out a few yummy appetizers for guests to enjoy when they arrive, so you can focus on welcoming and mingling.


Set the mood with holiday music in the background, keep it soft though so guests don’t feel like they have to yell over the tunes. Add to the ambiance with dim lights in certain areas and nicely-scented candles.

It’s All About The People

Most importantly, make sure you get time to sit down with your guests and enjoy their company. Your friends and family came to see you, so don’t bury yourself in too much hosting work.  

Do you have other tips on how to host your family gathering? Please share them with us! And as always, when you’re ready to remodel the entertaining spaces in your home, call the Mosby office at 314.909.1800 for a free in-home consultation.