We love the holidays because the office becomes so festive with remodeling experts applying their skill to the annual Christmas Cube Decorating Contest. Watch the video above for a tour of some of the designs and the grand prize winners. Marvel at the cleverness and ingenuity. And bear in mind that voting day also coincided with Ugly Sweater Day, so that’s why the photos of the winners (below) may appear a tad off.

3rd Place Winner: Gingerbread Remodel

04 3rd place cube 01

Tiffany Fischer and Josh Porter’s work stations are out in the open 11 months of the year, but for this December, they’ve created a gingerbread office.

05 3rd plac cube 02

With a framing and floor plan assist from the husband of Tiffany (above) and yards of kraft paper and cotton, we have a new holiday workshop to visit. And best of all?

06 3rd place cube 03

The cut-out windows on each side so they can look out. Or as our Systems Administrator, Josh, call his, it’s an IT Drive-Up Window. “Would you like fries with that reboot?”

07 3rd place cube 04

Congratulations to Tiffany and Josh, who are first-time participants with a major win, right out of the gate.

2nd Place Winner: Christmas Construction Paper House

08 2nd place cube 01


With a large packet of construction paper, some rolls of kraft paper, scissors, tape and boundless imagination, Noel Powers and Todd Bachmann created this cozy Christmas home.

09 2nd place cube 02

They christened themselves The Powermanns (see the mailbox stuffed with letters), and made a wreath of their hand-prints on green paper, and fashioned from cardboard and construction paper a fireplace whose chimney Santa is stuck in (above).

10 2nd place cube 03

With more construction paper, photocopying and live props, they fashioned a kitchen (With a real faucet!) that overlooks the living room and a winter wonderland out the window. From the outside of the cube, they even created a window that appears to let you peer into their domesticity.

11 2nd place cube 04

Congratulations to Todd, who is a first-time participant and winner. As for Noel, she was a 3rd place winner in 2011 and took first place in 2010, which means she now has the equivalent of a bronze, silver and gold!

1st Place Winner: The Deer Shack

12 1st place cube 01

Becky Trent’s Deer Shack is high concept expertly executed. The premise being that one of Santa’s reindeer is missing from the pen.

13 1st place cube 02

There’s a $500 reward for the return of Prancer before his shift on Christmas Eve. And it delves into a crime mystery when you follow the deer tracks on the floor, which lead a few cubes over…

14 1st place cube 03

…where a crime scene is blocked off and a body outlined in tape. Seems Grandma got run over by a reindeer. Prancer is the prime suspect but the investigation is ongoing. Thank you to the clever assist from Julie Giljum!

15 1st place cube 04

And a big round of applause to Becky for her THIRD first place win! Yes, Becky took top honors in 2009 and 2012. She is undoubtedly the Christmas Cube master, the one who consistently delivers delight and smiles to our office. Bravo, Becky, Bravo!!!!

16 cube participants

Another round of applause for everyone in the office who participated. Your enthusiasm and imagination is why we look forward to it every year.
And to our extended Mosby family, we wish you a happy holiday and merry new year!