7 Reasons to Call a Home Improvement Radio Show

by | Jun 30, 2016 | Repairs & Advice

Rich Oris

This is Rich Oris with Right at Home With Rich on 97.1 FM. I’ve been a sales consultant with Mosby Building Arts for 10 years helping people solve problems and answer questions about fixing, designing, and remodeling their home. I started my career in the field, gaining 27 years of first-hand construction experience, and now I am share my knowledge with listeners on the radio.

Every episode of Right At Home is an adventure because St. Louis homeowners have a wide range of questions and concerns.  I’m fascinated by what motivates you to contact me. Here are the 7 reasons why homeowners call in to a home improvement radio show:

1. You Need Professional Advice

This is the most common reason for a listener to call in. There could be a strange problem that you don’t know how to begin fixing, or a persistent problem your home has had for years and nothing you do seems to solve the problem. Unfortunately, this is all too common and it can be helpful to get free advice from trained professionals.

2. You Want an Opinion About a DIY Project

You’re surfing Pinterest or Facebook and see the coolest DIY project that a high school classmate just finished. You think to yourself, “If they can do it so can I, right?” This is an opportune time to call in and describe your DIY project to us and get advice and tips to make sure your project will be Facebook-worthy.

3. You’re Trying to Decide if a Project Needs Professional Help

Remodeling can be deceiving at times. For someone without training or field experience, a very difficult project can appear easy to perform. Conversely, a simple fix might seem impossible. This is a great time to call in and ask about the skill level it may take to perform a remodeling project you are contemplating.

4. You’re Wondering If Work on Your Home is Performed with Best Practices

You’re having work done by a business that seems qualified, but you may have questions that they are not answering completely, or you feel that their answers are not correct. When something doesn’t feel right with the work being done on your home, go with your gut and call in to get a second opinion from a knowledgeable professional. A quick call can be the best way to ease your mind and could even prevent issues down the road from improper practices. Think of it like a second opinion from a doctor about the health of your home.

5. You Want Advice on the Best Products to Use

Thinking about updating your house or fixing an issue, but not sure which product will fit your needs the best? Or, are you wondering whether a more expensive product is really worth the investment? This is a topic I cover on a daily basis as a consultant for Mosby, and I would love to give you unbiased, third party advice.

6. You Have Input on Another Caller’s Question

Maybe you have run into the same question before and had success solving it in a different manner. We are all students of the remodeling industry and there is almost always more than one solution to a problem. Please feel free to share advice; you may turn out to be the class professor and help us all learn something new. I think of it as continuing education.

7. You Feel Sorry for the Host

It’s the day before a holiday and listeners are busing cleaning and preparing for family festivities. You notice that the host sounds a little lonely. Well, now is your time to shine; think of anything that you might have wondered about your home in the past and call in. There will be no wait to take your call and by asking you may in fact be doing service to other listeners. Remember what our grade school teachers taught us long ago, “The stupidest question is the question that has not been asked.”

I encourage you to call 97.1FM on Saturdays from noon to 1 p.m. with any questions or comments about anything relating to your home. You can reach me at 314.969.9797 or 866.455.9797. Past episodes are available here. Monday through Friday you can reach me at Mosby Building Arts. And thanks for listening!