I urgently advise you to get your aluminum wiring checked for arcing and fire risk, NOW.

The static on your AM radio may be a warning of wiring problems. This is serious and may be a fire warning for you. Aluminum wiring is a problem at the connections to the devices, like at the light switches, outlets and light fixtures. The aluminum wiring is known for loose connections, loose connections cause electrical arcing, arcing causes static and heat, heat causes fire.

Please get an electrician to check your device connections soon. You can also quickly have an infrared heat check on your house walls to check for heat at each electrical connection. My company can do this infrared checking for you or your local fire district also has this testing device for just this reason.

Either way I suggest you get your aluminum wiring checked by a licensed electrician, immediately. If I am wrong in my assessment – you remain safe. If there is a wiring problem and you get your wiring checked – you may avoid a fire. The static is potentially a real warning that should be heeded.

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