Bathroom Trends

When it comes to remodeling, experts say to start with the room where you spend the most time. People immediately think kitchens, but bathrooms also get a lot of use and are often overlooked. You start and end your day in your bathroom, so you definitely want it to be a space that makes you feel good.

Powder rooms are a great place to “wow” your guests when you entertain. It’s one of the smaller rooms in the home, which makes it the perfect spot for trying out the more daring decorating ideas you’ve hesitated to use elsewhere. We’ve noticed a few design trends gaining in popularity, and likely you may have thought about at least one of these ideas.

Streamlined Showering

A few years ago, people wanted elaborate shower systems with body sprays and rain head showers. Today, people are still indulging in new showers, but more are opting for a simpler shower system. Mounted on a single rail, these systems usually include two common fixtures (a combination of rain shower, hand held shower, or standard shower head), with less bells and whistles.

Patterned Tile

If you love an artsy look, then you are in luck.  Patterned tiles in bathrooms are making a comeback. One very popular trend is using porcelain tiles that look like they were beautifully hand-painted. These tiles create dramatic interest at a lower price point than mosaic tiles. Mosaic tiles are still popular, though, for creating a creative, one-of-a-kind space.

Tub Removal

More and more homeowners are choosing to remove their large garden tub that was popular back in the 90’s. They are either replacing these tubs with larger walk-in showers or with free-standing tubs. We do recommend for resale value that you have at least one tub in the home, whether it be stand-alone or part of a shower combo.

Get A Grip

Adding convenience and safety to your bathroom is not a new concept, but the fixtures are now more attractive and many serve a dual purpose. A heated shower bench is a great addition for shaving or resting after a long stressful day. Grab bars with a shelf allow you to personalize your shower with thoughtfully designed storage.

Mixed Metals

Gone are the days when all metals in a room need to match. Mixing metals such as pairing silver plumbing with brass lights can create a chic combo. Mixing metals doesn’t need to be overly dramatic. A good design tip is to mix cool metals with warmer metals. Choose similar designs but not identical. Mixing metals is a trend you can carry through the rest of your house, as well.

Floating Toilet/Vanity

When space is a precious commodity, like a powder room, you may want to consider a wall-hung toilet or wall-mounted vanity. From a design perspective, a wall-mounted toilet instantly brings a modern, sleek aesthetic to the bathroom. This design benefit appears to be driving the model’s increased popularity. Also known as “floating,” these models not only save space, but are also easier to clean.

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