01 mosby home office

This homeowner had long used this bedroom with its own bathroom as his home office. Recently retired and spending much more time in the space, he was ready for an update.

02 mosby home office BEFORE

His wish for the office was to have a professional but comfortable look. And he really wanted to open the shutters and let the light in, but he needed to protect art and artifacts from sun damage.

03 mosby home office AFTER

Removing the carpet and refinishing the hardwood floor immediately gave the space a professional and warm sheen. So did a new desk and leather chair in classic profiles. The existing built-in cabinets were painted the same color as the new trim for a unified look, and a seagrass cloth wallpaper runs throughout the office suite for a subtle, masculine feel.

04 mosby home office

As for the sunlight issue, Mosby installed new double-hung windows with a special coating that blocks the harmful UV rays that can damage and fade artwork. Now, the beautiful backyard is a relaxing view, and working in natural light is a mood enhancer.

The office gained more wall space when the entrance to the private space was relocated. And this change also produced a much larger bathroom and closet.

05 mosby home office floorplans

These before and after floor plans illustrate the modifications that created the updated office suite. Previously, a small closet facing out into the office backed up to another shallow closet accessed by a small hall. The hall existed to access the entrance to the attic in the ceiling.

Mosby relocated the attic entrance to another part of the 2nd floor so this area could be reconfigured as one spacious walk-in closet. This also allowed us to move a wall and entry point to increase the square footage of the bathroom by 10 feet.

06 mosby home office

The transition from office to personal space is now much more graceful.

07 mosby home office

And what were once two small closets with particle board dividers became a dignified and spacious walk-in dressing area, with floor to ceiling wood cabinetry along two walls.

08 mosby home office

Here is the smaller, original bathroom before the remodel. &nbspMosby kept the same basic layout so the plumbing could remain in place, because moving plumbing can greatly escalate a budget.

09 mosby home office

Relocating a wall added more space to create this luxury bathroom. Our client gladly traded a tub for a glass and marble shower with bench seating. There’s radiant heating under the marble tile floor, and a granite vanity top.

10 mosby home office

Look at the base of this maple vanity by Wood-Mode for our clever addition. The client was impressed with the functionality of under-cabinet lights in a hotel bathroom he saw, so Mosby added a string of LED lights – operated with a wall switch – for the perfect nightlight.

The improvements made to this home office suite resulted in a multi-functional space with a cohesive and dignified air that’s as welcoming as it is productive. Located across from the couple’s master bedroom, the refreshed and tailored office suite has become both his command central and relaxing get-away.

See additional photos of the office suite. To get started on your own home office project, call the Mosby Building Arts office at 314.909.1800 or contact them here.