Once you’ve come to the decision to invest in a new roof, you need to select what type of roof it will be.

Read a primer on the different types of roofs to choose from.

A roof is part of the overall exterior design of your home, so consider the look of your roof as carefully as you would consider how new flooring coordinates with your furniture and wall color.

The neighborhood and the town where you live is like a 3D catalog. Look for other houses that have roof and siding colors similar to what you’re considering, and take pictures to create your own portfolio. Also look for roofs with a similar pitch as yours, because this affects how much of the roof can be seen from the street and how you see the color.

Watch how sunlight travels across your home during the course of a day. For instance, a light grey asphalt shingle may look wonderful at dusk, but will it be too bright for your siding color (or the neighbor’s eyes!) when full afternoon sun is on it? Colors change with the intensity of light, and you want to be sure you will like the way it looks at all times of day.


Roofing material is shown to you as samples, just like wallpaper or paint colors. Be sure to view a full-sized shingle, not just a small swatch. Take this sample shingle outside to see how it looks in the light around your home. Selecting new shingles is much like deciding on a new paint color – to get an accurate picture you need to see it in your home rather than in a store under fluorescent lights.

Along with water management, a roof is a key component of the exterior design of your home. To make wise choices about materials and design, you can work with a Mosby Home Consultant who is deeply experienced in finding the perfect roof for your home. The Mosby team also includes certified roofing installers, so all your roofing needs are handled by one knowledgeable company. To schedule an appointment with a consultant, call 314-909-8383 or contact us here.