We have vinyl siding that’s over 20 years old and it looks bad. I want new siding, but my husband wants to paint it instead. Can the vinyl siding be painted with a really good urethane paint?


You can paint anything, but should you?

Yes, vinyl siding can be effectively coated with a paint formulated to stick to it, but we do not recommend painting vinyl siding due to the substantial expansion and contraction movement caused by the extreme changes of temperature in the Midwest.

If you paint vinyl in cooler weather you may then see cracks or strains in the paint when the vinyl expands in the summer heat. Conversely, painting the vinyl in warm weather will create gaps that show the old color when the vinyl shrinks in cold temperatures. Vinyl moves with the temperature, so it is impossible to maintain an even and consistent appearance by re-coating it. You will put forth a lot of effort for unsatisfying results.

Since you feel your siding is looking bad at 20 years, that’s a good sign it may well be at the end of its useful life. Here’s how to tell if you need new siding.

When you want a new color and new look to the exterior of your home, we highly recommend installing new siding rather than painting vinyl. It is more cost-effective to spend your money on a one-time, long-lasting quality solution rather than repeatedly spend money and time on questionable work-arounds that only delay the inevitable need.