Not all remodeling projects are created equal, and we at Mosby Building Arts has identified that. We have created different approaches to help tailor projects to our client’s desires. Semi-Custom is not a negative thing, and it’s not limited. All our projects are still fully planned out. If you get overwhelmed with selections, then semi-custom may be the best route for you. If you want endless options, then the custom route is better for you. Typically, the timeline is a little shorter for the semi-custom process, so if you’re in a hurry to have a space remodeled then semi-custom would be the best route. Custom may mean something different to everyone.  Custom may mean that the homeowner was able to select what choices they wanted, while others feel that the project was designed by a Designer/Architect. Some companies may be able to offer both, and at Mosby Building Arts, we will always tailor your project for you.

Custom Remodels

These projects tend to be a little more complex within the scope of the work. Often times they involve moving walls, rearranging a layout, or building entirely new structures. There may need more planning on how this project will work and how to construct.  We like to take a team approach to these projects.  With the endless options that can be done, we will gather as much information on the project from you.  We will be able to then offer a few options on the design of the remodel and then work with you to make the project the way you want it.  Then there will be selections, with the endless options we will take you shopping and help narrow down the options with you to get the design and selections just the way you like it.  This planning stage may take some time to figure out and to finalize the options.

Semi-Custom Remodels

These projects are still planned out, but they may not be as complex.  We have been able to streamline the process to help with the overwhelming decisions that have to be made.  We have pre-selected products and options that will work in every home and everyone’s style.  We still want the project to be tailored to you, so still have control, but without the headache of a world of endless options.  This planning stage may take only a few meetings to be able to keep your project moving forward.   With having products pre-selected we are also able to control the length of the project. Since most of these projects are not as complex, then the production schedule may not be as long as a more complex remodel. 

Mosby Building Arts has been tailoring projects for our St. Louis, MO clients for over 70 years. We have licensed architects, designers, and craftspeople on staff who build the right project for you and your home.