DESIGNER TALK: 5 Trends That Should Never Return

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By Jake Spurgeon, Mosby Home Designer & Consultant

As a designer, I stay in tune with current design trends, because using them in remodeled spaces can add a nice jolt of contemporary to a classic look. I also keep up with past trends making a comeback, as taste seems to be cyclical; for example, every generation has a brief romance with wallpaper, which is why it’s “out” one decade and “in” the next.

But over the years I have noticed there are certain trends that will most likely never make a comeback because they consistently make people ask, “What were they thinking?”  Here is my top 5 list of the trends that should never return:

1. Eat Pickles, Don’t Pickle the Cabinets

Pickled kitchens were all the rage in the late 80s and early 90s, and I’ve spent most of this century helping homeowners remove them during a kitchen remodel. Typically, this finish was installed by new home builders as a bright alternative to brown oak cabinets, but as the cabinets aged and lightened they took on a sickly pink hue. It’s an unappetizing look for a kitchen.

2. Why is Popcorn on the Ceiling?

Another trend we hope never returns is popcorn or textured ceilings.  These babies are almost impossible to match when repairs are needed, collect dust over time and are difficult to clean.  But before you decide to take a scrapper to your ceiling please consult a professional to have them tested!  They could contain asbestos and need to be removed by a company that is capable of doing so.

3. We Are Not in Hollywood

Yes, great lighting is important in the bathroom where you will be grooming, but there are much better choices than large bright bulbs around the mirror like we’re backstage at the Oscars.  For a bathroom remodel, I recommend sconces installed on either side of the mirror. There are now even LED lights with color temperature control so you’re grooming for the environment you will be seen in.

4. Why Cover the Toilet?

I can remember back to the fluffy toilet covers on my grandmother’s hall bathroom toilet and the question I always asked, even as a small child: “Is this sanitary?” Bath mats are recommended on a bathroom floor, but not on the toilet itself, please.

5. Blinded by the Blinds

Vertical blinds were the height of chic for a moment in the late 70s, and remain a staple in college dorm rooms. If you don’t want your home to reflect those two chapters of your life may I suggest roller shades in a nice textured fabric? They can even be motorized and controlled as part of your smart home.

So that’s my list of the 5 home design trends that should never make a comeback. Which ones did I miss? Feel free to share them with us, because when it comes to remodeling, it’s just as important to know what NOT to do! And if you’re ready to remodel your St. Louis home, give me a call at Mosby Building Arts – 314.909.1800 – or contact me here.