Designer Talk: A Short List of Favorite St. Louis Design Resources

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dean vitale mosby building arts

Dean Vitale
Mosby Building Arts Designer

Dean Vitale is a St. Louis native who has returned to town after 15+ years as a designer in San Francisco. Through his Mosby remodeling projects, Dean’s enjoying the process of becoming acquainted with St. Louis design resources and is excited to share this list of some of his new (and long-time) favorites.

During the design and selection phase of remodeling projects, we Mosby designers love an opportunity to keep it local. Be it handmade furniture and art, or relying on the expertise of local craftsman and curators, it’s rewarding to keep the commerce in town and bring the unique flavors of St. Louis into your home.

This is a very short list of the local resources we turn to and rely on for our St. Louis clients, no matter the age or era of their home.



Junque at Lemp
3519 South Broadway, St. Louis MO 63118

Wander this store in the Lemp Brewery complex for a unique assortment of building materials you may not know even existed! Junque is perfect for replacing pieces in an older home, or digging for rough coal that polishes into diamonds. Bring along a Mosby designer to wade through the piles and we’ll find endless design potential. The store is only open on Saturdays between 10am – 5 pm (or when the bicycle shown above is chained up outside), and is within walking distance of the antique row on Cherokee Street.

Fellenz Antiques
439 N. Euclid Avenue, St. Louis MO 63108

Fellenz Antiques is one of the oldest businesses in the Central West End, and has been in the same location for over 50 years. Bill Fellenz, owner, specializes in cultivating a unique collection of ornate architectural artifacts. This is the place we go to when needing to replace or replicate an item on historic homes, and it’s more a warehouse than a retail store so it’s a dirty, dusty, musty place, so dress appropriately and bring a flashlight for a treasure hunt.

locks and pulls

Locks & Pulls Design Elements
9590 Manchester Road, Rock Hill MO 63119

Changing out your kitchen cabinet hardware can be a relatively inexpensive and quick way to update the look of the whole room. The best place for an endless selection of knobs, pulls and handles is the family-owned Locks & Pulls. And the family is Theiss, better known as Theiss Plating, in business since 1950, so if you have old hardware that needs to be refinished, go here. Oh, they are also champs at finding hardware to fit old cabinets with odd-sized holes. This is why we rely on Locks & Pulls for one-stop service and selection.

Genesco Window & Building Products
2456 Adie Road, Maryland Heights, MO 63043

As a remodeling company, we often need to replace parts on old windows and doors, and Genesco is the valuable resource Mosby has relied on for almost as long as we’ve been in business! From parts to repairs on old and new windows and doors, this is the first stop, and quite often the last stop.


reclaim renew

Reclaim Renew
540 Axminster Dr., Fenton, MO 63026

Owner Barry Kraft seeks out and saves old wood, especially from old barns in and around Metro St. Louis. He then transforms this aged wood into beautiful, custom items for your home, from tables (like above) to mantles, to desks and benches. Barry can build to our specifications, or we can choose a one-of-a-kind shape and patina that suits your home. You might be surprised at how comparable a custom piece of furniture is to buying a manufactured mid- to high-end piece, and a piece from Reclaim Renew has a sustainable history that feels good to the touch and in your soul.

1735A South River Road, St. Charles, MO 63301

When they tear down an older home to build a new one in its place, what happens to all those trees they remove? There’s a real good chance that Scott Wunder has saved and re-used them. Not only does he build any manner of custom furniture and accessories from trees claimed from building sites, he also mills the wood to sell to fellow woodworkers, so that nothing is wasted, every piece of wood has a second life. His work is not only impressive but the ultimate in green!



8631 Watson Road, St. Louis MO 63119

We have the pleasure of remodeling mid-century ranch homes, and along with updating the systems and surfaces, many clients also want to honor the vintage of their home with era-appropriate furniture and accessories. That’s where the refurbished and re-sale vintage mid-century pieces at MoModerne come in handy. They have an ever-revolving collection in the store and conduct estate sales, so are a great resource when needing an expert to keep an eye out for a piece we simply must have.

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams
1701 S. Lindbergh Blvd., St. Louis MO 63131

This store opening in St. Louis, at Plaza Frontenac, was especially exciting because I have been using their offerings since they were a wholesale trade partner to the design industry, then transitioning into designing furniture for Pottery Barn. They provide high-end comfort furniture that’s contemporary in style but can blend perfectly in any home. We at Mosby admire companies that share our philosophy of giving back to the community, and Gold + Williams donate generously to cancer, design and LGBT organizations, so their hearts are as big as their furniture and accessories are gorgeous.

Every day, we run across great places and items that we get to share with our clients. In turn, we learn from them and add it to our lists, so please share some of your favorite places with us. Mosby designers are here to help you discover and select the perfect items for your home remodeling projects. To get started, you can call the Mosby Building Arts office at 314.909.1800 or contact us here.