In a world where kitchen trends come and go, finding that one element that can transform your space into a timeless marvel is like finding a rare gem. Among the trendy pastels and earthy tones, there lies a color that can turn any dated kitchen into a modern masterpiece. A color that has the power to elevate, to add depth, and to create a stunning visual impact. That color is black. Black is back, especially in our latest St. Louis kitchen remodel. Let’s discuss some reasons why your kitchen needs a touch of black and how you can use this recent kitchen remodel as an inspiration for yours!


It’s Modern and Neutral

Black may seem like a bold choice for a kitchen, but in reality, it’s a remarkably modern and sophisticated hue. It’s a color that radiates a contemporary vibe while offering the versatility of a neutral palette. This means it can seamlessly blend with various color schemes and design themes. Whether you choose pink, green, or yellow walls, black will compliment them nicely. 

The beauty of black is that it allows other colors in the room to shine, making it an excellent backdrop for any aesthetic you’re aiming for. In our recent kitchen transformation, we paired black elements with new white hexagon floor tiles, creating a striking contrast that exudes an air of chic minimalism.

Makes Accents Pop

One of the most remarkable qualities of black is its ability to make gorgeous accents appear even more striking. In our recent project, we incorporated gold accents to bring a touch of glamor and luxury to the modern kitchen. 

There’s something truly magical about the combination of black and gold. The contrast between the two colors creates a captivating dynamic that effortlessly ties the elements together, resulting in a cohesive and stunning design. From elegant drawer pulls to gleaming faucets, every golden detail against the black backdrop enhanced the visual appeal and elevated the ambiance of the space.

Does gold feel too regal? Black pairs exquisitely with all materials. You can easily swap out the gold accents for silver, bronze, or even glass! 

Gives a Sense of Coolness

Kitchens are where we cook up a storm, and temperatures can rise. Balance out the heat by adding a cool touch of black to your kitchen. Incorporating sleek black cabinets and appliances can introduce a sense of coolness to the space. In our renovation project, we offset the cool tones of black with warm natural walnut cabinets above the workspace. The harmonious blend of modern black and natural wood drew everything together perfectly. It truly created a balanced and inviting atmosphere that the homeowners loved.

Easy to Clean

Kitchens are prone to messes, and that’s where black comes to the rescue. Unlike silver appliances or white countertops, messes are less likely to be as visible on black surfaces. That makes using black materials and paints excellent choices for areas where spills and splatters are common, including backsplashes behind the stove or even the entire counter space! So, not only does black add a touch of sophistication to your kitchen, but it also offers practicality.

Cascades Light Beautifully

Another advantage of black is how beautifully it cascades light. Light bounces off black countertops and appliances, adding a unique glow to the space. 

In fact, track lighting has become a growing trend in kitchens, as it allows you to focus the light to optimize your visibility or create different vibes. It’s always fun to experiment with lighting in your kitchen. During this recent kitchen remodel, we fitted rope lights under the upper cabinets. These light touches set a cozy ambiance, highlighting the beauty of the black elements in the room.

Adds Depth

When used strategically in kitchen design, black can add remarkable depth, particularly in smaller spaces. It provides an illusion of expanded space by drawing the eye toward the depth of the color, making the room feel more substantial. 

Black cabinets or countertops can also create a stunning contrast that visually breaks up the space, further enhancing its depth. Thus, incorporating black into a small kitchen can transform it into a sophisticated, visually expansive area.

Give Your Kitchen the Modern Touch It Needs

Black is more than just a color. It’s a design choice that can revolutionize your kitchen, transforming it from dated to dazzling. From its ability to make accents pop to its practicality and elegance, black is the color that can truly tie everything together. Next time you consider a kitchen remodel, remember the power of black countertops, appliances, and other accents.

When considering a kitchen remodel in St. Louis, it’s always advisable to consult with a licensed professional. You can’t go wrong with our team at the “Tried and True Mosby Blue.” With our wealth of experience and commitment to quality, we can guide you through the remodeling process, ensuring your kitchen transformation is executed to perfection and aligns with your vision.