Drywall cracks are usually from structural variation and movement in the framing. This movement is usually from moisture changes typically from seasonal humidity changes and this results in the swelling and shrinkage of the wood framing materials under the drywall. This swelling and shrinking causes drywall cracks, especially in the St. Louis area with its dramatic weather variations..

Patching drywall cracks is a painter’s domain. The large amount of wood and fasteners in the roof system of a geodesic dome means there is a relatively large amount of movement in the structure at every panel connection, compared to conventional framing. This results in a high occurrence of drywall cracks at the wood framing joints. The cracks will likely come back after they are repaired and painted unless the structural issues are addressed.

We specialize in structural repairs and have our own painting team, so would be happy to look at the problems for you. Here’s more about our repair and maintenance services. Call the Mosby Building Arts office at 314.909.1800.

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