This 1950’s home needed a basement remodel; our clients wanted a nice cozy space for their kids and grandkids to stay when they come into town. The home had a partially finished basement with paneling walls and tile flooring. There was a nice fireplace area that they wanted to keep and incorporate into the newly remodeled space.

It was important to our clients to have a space for their family to be able to sleep as well as hang out when they are in town. They wanted a rec room area in the lower level as well, so they would have plenty of space.

They have 2 extra bedrooms on the main floor of the home, but that just wasn’t enough. As a result, the grandkids were making pallet beds on the floor of the living room which was a hassle and not as comfortable. We were able to create 2 more bedrooms in the basement, one for the kids, and one for the grandkids. Egress windows were installed in both new bedrooms in the basement for the safety of the family.

To make this a true lower level for the grandkids, we also installed a bathroom in the basement. Therefore, no guests needed to wander upstairs in the middle of the night if they needed to use the restroom.

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