Fall Exterior Renovation Ideas for St. Louis Homeowners

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Just because the summer is over doesn’t mean you must stop doing exterior remodeling on your St. Louis home. Moderate to warm fall days are the perfect temperatures to upgrade your outdoor living space. Get ready for the cooler winter months and make next spring and summer less stressful. Remodel your St. Louis house this autumn with these fall-friendly ideas!

Redo the Roof

Snow piles during the winter can cause water damage to your roof. Damaged shingles can also allow water to get trapped and promote mold growth.

Be proactive by upgrading your roof this autumn. Hot weather can make it challenging for adhesive to melt. St. Louis fall temperatures are perfect for applying new roof shingles.

It’s standard to get your gutters cleaned, repaired, or upgraded during a roofing job. Improve your drainage system to prevent leaves from cluttering up your gutters and potentially causing water damage.

Put Up A Shed

The autumn requires a lot of lawn care tools. You’re going to need easy access to rakes, leaf blowers, and bags. Plus, you’ll need a spot to store the lawnmower for the winter.

It’s time to either put up a shed or upgrade the one you have. Sheds protect valuable tools like snow blowers and landscaping equipment. However, many sheds aren’t built with the integrity of houses.

Sheds weather many storms but also take a lot of beatings from being exposed to the elements. Build a new shed before the winter comes, or fix up the one you have to ensure the safety of your valuable possessions.

Repair the Driveway

Cracks are more prone to growing larger in colder weather. Wet rain and melted snow can seep into them. As temperatures drop during cold fall and winter nights, this water turns to ice. When the ice expands, it can widen the cracks in your driveway.

Sealing up your driveway cracks or putting down new asphalt is an excellent way to prevent post-winter damage. Also, repairing or replacing your gravel can prevent you from breaking open the cracks more while shoveling.

Replace Your Windows

The fall is a great time to replace windows in St. Louis County. After all, each window will have to come off your home. This part of the process can be unbearable during summer’s heat or winter’s cold. Autumn provides a refreshing cross-breeze that homeowners will love during this day job.

Replacing your windows in autumn is also cost-efficient. New windows are freshly sealed to help keep the heat indoors. Plus, you can seal any cracks around the sill to prevent any cold air from entering indoors!