01 mosby cedar siding replacement

This handsome home in a forest-like setting in Wildwood, MO was designed by the owner, a now-retired airplane engineer. With the help of others, he built it over the course of several years, completing the project in 1986.

Recently, the owner called Mosby Building Arts to diagnose and repair a water leak that originated at the roof of the front porch and had worked its way indoors. Also, after nearly 30 years, the home was ready for new siding and a roof, and he wanted Mosby for the siding project, as well.

02 mosby cedar siding

The Water Leak
The owners had noticed some water damage to the drywall around the family room fireplace but couldn’t locate exactly where the water was coming from. A Mosby Consultant inspected the roof and found the spot (shown below) in an area above the roof of the front porch, where 3 levels of the home come together.

04 mosby siding replacement

The solution was to alter the slope of the porch roof so it would slightly relocate the valley where the various walls and roofs meet. Along with modifications to newly installed flashing (shown below) the water now runs off to the new gutter system rather than into the home. The rest of the front porch was re-built to match the original. Mosby also inspected, repaired and patched the family room walls so no traces of damage were left inside.

05 mosby roof flashing

The Siding Installation
The home’s original vertical cedar siding panels had lasted nearly 30 years, which is a good run. The owners wished to keep the same look, but that product was no longer manufactured in America or Canada.

Mosby carpenters recreated the look of the original siding with cedar plywood and batten boards, placed at 16” on center. All of the cedar pieces were stained the pretty copper color with a water-resistant sealant at the Mosby workshop, and later, another gallon of the sealant was at the job site so as boards were cut during installation all exposed edges were painted and waterproofed.

06 mosby house wrap

All of the original siding, soffit and fascia were removed, and any underlying water damage was repaired. Mosby then applied housewrap to all wall surfaces (above), and new flashing at all windows, doors and wall penetrations.

03 mosby cedar siding installation

Recreating the look of the original siding panels was similar to putting together a large puzzle without the picture on the cover of the box to use for reference. But the unique part is that the owner – who drew up the original plans and helped build it – was able to collaborate with the Mosby crew to put the new pieces together correctly. This also gave the owner a chance to make some modifications he’d long contemplated.

With the new flashing and gutter system, and the new cedar being thoroughly waterproofed, the homeowners will easily get another 30 years or more from the new siding. Plus, they benefit from the 10-year Mosby workmanship warranty should any issues arise.

07 mosby cedar siding replacement

This siding installation project was a unique and satisfying challenge for Mosby. Best of all, the clients are very happy with the refurbished look of the home, and the meticulous care and attention to detail from the Mosby crew that made it possible.

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