The Midwest is all too familiar with pesky rain during the spring and summer months. Periods of heavy rain can lead to irritating water issues for homeowners.  Your home’s exterior is the shield to outside elements. Water will flow through the path of least resistance so it’s important to make sure your home is capable of shedding water from all areas.

In order to make sure your home is as water resistance as possible, you have look at common problem spots where water issues can start:


Make sure water drains off your roof properly with functional gutters and down spouts that drain away from the house.  Blocked gutters and downspouts can cause water to overflow, potentially creating a water management problem.

water drainage

How your yard and the surrounding landscaping grades away from your house is crucial to prevent standing water. Check to see if your landscaping slopes away from your foundation; be sure to make the appropriate adjustments if it does not.

Check your sump pump. The average lifespan of a sump pump is 10 years. However, this life span is dependent on how often the pump is in use. Also, installing a battery back up to the sump pump will ensure your sump pump works even if your power goes out.

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If your house, or one you are potentially buying, has a natural siding material like wood, be certain that you are okay with the required up keep that comes along with it. Wood siding is impacted by elements like rain and water. Switching to an alternative solution like vinyl, fiber cement, or engineered wood siding is a good option as these materials are more impervious to water.  A correct installation of the siding with house wrap and the right flashing is paramount if you want to keep water out.

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