Summer has come to an end and fall is now upon us. And while it’s a great time to enjoy falling leaves and cooler weather, it’s also a good time to prepare the outside of your home for winter. Here are a few maintenance tips to make your home ready for winter weather.


• Inspect windows for any signs of deterioration and make any necessary repairs. Fog and moisture between window panes can indicate a failure in the seal and it’s time to replace your windows.

• Remove all paints and caulks from the garage or garden shed to a non-freeze location away from gas fired furnaces and water heaters.

• Disconnect hoses from outside spigots to prevent water from freezing in the hose and the line to the house. Freezing in these areas can result in pipe bursts and flooding.


• Check and maintain outdoor electrical fixtures, and remove any obstructions.

• Inspect the roof for signs of damage. As fall moves into winter, falling leaves turn to falling snow, increasing the chances of a roof leak if repairs aren’t made to a damaged roof. Signs of roof damage include curling shingles, loose asphalt granules in the gutters and shingles that have blown off.


• Clean and seal the concrete driveway to prepare for upcoming winter weather. The corrosive elements in rock salt that are commonly used for ice melt can contribute to pock marks on the concrete and breakdown the integrity of the driveway. Sealing will help protect and slow down this process.

• Winterize your lawn equipment and mix in fuel stabilizer in the lawn mower to keep the gas from going bad. Refer to the mower’s manual for proper storage guidelines.

• Inspect weather-stripping around doors and windows and repair or replace as needed.


• Clean out the gutters to make sure they are clear of the leaves so the gutters drain properly during winter weather.

• Clean out window wells and basement stairs to allow for clear drainage.

• Bring in any plants or shrubs that can’t survive the brisk fall and chilly winter climate.

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