renovation triggers

At some point, every home needs something remodeled. Need, desire and money are tied to making these decisions, but what motivates people to finally pull the trigger and take the plunge?

As we have been remodeling St. Louis homes since 1947, we are eternally fascinated by homeowner motivation. There are dozens of factors that go into a person calling us and engaging our services to renovate their home.

Houzz is just as fascinated by what motivates people to remodel and surveyed 121,639 registered Houzz members to get the answers for their 2016 Houzz & Home report. Read the entire report here. The graph shown above is the section on what motivates a home renovation, and has an intriguing number one answer.

Finally Have the Time to Remodel

Coming in one point above the financial means is the time to undertake a large remodeling project. This aligns with what we learn from our clients, especially among older homeowners who are finally ready to re-do their homes after their children have moved on.

A major remodel can require months of effort, from the design and selection phase to the on-site construction, not to mention the stress of disruption in routines. Planning out when you can devote a large chunk of time to a remodeling endeavor is a wise move.

mosby whole house remodel


See photos of this project, wherein a Kirkwood, MO couple went on vacation for 6 weeks while Mosby completed the construction of their whole-house remodel.

Remodeling for a Changing Lifestyle

4th on the list of Houzz remodeling triggers is “adapting to recent changes in family and/or lifestyle.” From firsthand experience, we’ve learned this is motivated by desire – as in empty-nesters – or by necessity when capabilities change due to accidents or aging, which is accessible design.

In the case of empty-nesters (which also references having the time to remodel) with the desire to customize their home to their new lifestyle, we also incorporate accessible features so that they avoid the urgent need for accessibility in the future.

mosby empty nest bathroom remodel

This project is a great example of empty-nesters splurging on the master bathroom of their dreams, which is also designed to be accessible so they can enjoy it as is for many years to come. See more photos.

Remodeling Due to Deterioration

We know that kitchens, bathrooms and exteriors remain the most frequent projects because replacing them eventually becomes a necessity. This is why “addressing recently discovered deterioration” is number 5 on the list of motivating factors – stuff happens! But the good news is that undertaking a necessary repair is also the best time to expand into a full-scale remodel since the experts you need are already on hand.

mosby exterior remodel

Here’s an example of the need to repair exterior water damage that developed into a full-scale siding replacement that respects the modern aesthetic of the home. Learn more about this project.

If you’re feeling motivated to remodel your own home, Mosby Building Arts is a smart place to start, as we’re a full-service design-build remodeling firm. Explore your options by calling us at 314.909.1800 or contact us here. We also invite you to follow Mosby on Houzz.