The holidays are busy and hectic time for everyone. With shopping and family gatherings it’s easy to forget about things around your house, especially your bathroom. Let’s take a look at some aspects of your bathroom that shouldn’t go overloaded.

Having A Holiday Party or Family Over? Make Sure Your Bathroom is Working Correctly.

Is your bathroom functioning properly? Any leaky faucet or a running toilet can be an extra headache during the holidays. Double check if your bathroom is running efficiently and avoid any bathroom blunders when guests are at your home.

Traveling for The Holidays?

How do you prepare for the trip and keep your bathroom and house in good condition while you are gone? As temperatures are known fluctuate in St. Louis, MO in the winter months, while you are out of town to put in that the thermostat can be set at 50-55 degrees. Keep the cabinet doors open to help circulate warm temps to the water lines. Avoid turning the thermostat all the way down as this may cause freezing pipes and potentially a flooded bathroom.

Avoid Post-Holiday Bathroom Blues

After the holidays is a good time to assess your bathroom’s look and overall function. Tiles cracking? Dated fixtures? Consider a new bathroom for the new year. 

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