Our basements are a wonderland of possibilities, with all that space waiting to take care of our basic needs like storage or our fondest dreams of an arts and crafts studio, media room, home theater or teenage escape. It can be anything you desire, and this is why finished basements are one of the most popular remodeling projects.

Expanding your living space is what finishing a basement is all about. With the help of a professional, you can create the new space you’ve always wanted within the square footage you already have. Here are some ideas for your basement. The possibilities are endless!

Creating a beautiful and comfortable home requires a lot of thought, research, acquisition, and work to get it right. The wall color complements the flooring, colorful accents delight the eye, window treatments control the light, furniture is placed just so… which leaves no room for a neon beer sign collection or the stuffed and mounted head of a four-point buck!

To be honest, the overall look and comfort of a home tends to be the opposite of the creature comforts that soothe a man’s heart. This may explain why the older generation always used the garage as the classic hideout for the man of the house, where he carved out a spot for a TV, a radio, maybe a small refrigerator, and any old chair that would do.

Today’s modern man has exercised his prerogative for an indoor Man Cave, a piece of the home specially reserved for uniquely male activities. The term has entered into standard American language, and men all over the nation, and in the Metro St. Louis area, are eyeing up unused spaces in their home for its potential as a private retreat or playroom.

High on the Man Cave wish list is a home movie theater, a place to escape to (or invite everyone in) with ultra-comfortable seating, surround
sound, and an opportunity to hang up old movie posters long ago stashed in the attic.

Some men prefer to exercise in the comfort of their home. A home gym is the perfect opportunity to customize with a flat-screen TV, surround-sound stereo, personalized exercise equipment and souvenirs of an active life. 

Remodeling the basement into an adult game room can go upscale with a poker table, billiards, shuffleboard, and full wet bar.

Or it can be more down to earth like this finished basement man cave done up in a color to support their home team, such as the St. Louis Cardinals or the St. Louis Blues. And a wine cellar is a literal interpretation of a cave, and one that provides the libations that lets a man relax at the end of a day. They can be designed to include a table and chairs, a humidor, wet bar and audio system.

If remodeling your basement is something you’re considering, give us a call. We’d be happy to meet with you and discuss your basement dreams!