Often, homeowners are surprised at what a difference a front porch can make to their home. Curb appeal is a defining characteristic of a home’s aesthetics, and while the interior of the home can be just as interesting, the outside is what makes the first impression. One way to capitalize on the potential of your home’s curb appeal is to create an inviting and beautiful entryway with a great front door.

First Impressions – Your front porch is the first impression your guests receive when they arrive, so make sure it has the effect you want. The range of designs and possibilities for front porches is breathtaking and creates the ability to significantly transform your home’s exterior. 

Fenestrations – Going beyond the porch itself, your front door also makes a big impact when welcoming your guests. Manufacturers have come a long way in developing a magnificent selection of front door options and capabilities.  Combine the style of your front door with the splendid choices you have for surrounding windows, and you can create the look of a brand-new home without the expense of building one.

Rest and Relaxation – Maybe you want to sit and enjoy a cool beverage or cup of coffee while watching neighbors walk by.  A nice spot in the form of a front porch is an excellent solution.  The options available for creating an inspiring space to slow down and relax are numerous.

Decoration – Your porch is a spot you can add some extra character to around the holidays or changing seasons. In addition to the ubiquitous front door wreaths, you can accessorize with potted plants and flowers, area rugs, wall hangings, pictures, and a plethora of comfortable furniture options.

Lighting – Another outstanding feature about front porches is the lighting.  There are a fast number of lighting solutions available to give your house a striking personality. Mixing the types of lights, from table lamps to wall sconces to candles to chandeliers to landscape lighting, can go a long way in transforming the front elevation of your home.

Weather Protection – Besides beautifying your home, front porches protect you and your home. If your home has a front porch, your guests are guaranteed to be grateful during times of inclement weather. Additionally, changes in climate can be hard on your windows and doors, adding a deeper porch will help protect these first impression pieces while also giving you protection if you choose to have a sitting area on the porch.

Accessibility – Think about frequent guests, entryways can sometimes present barriers for visitors and residents of a home.  Steep steps and narrow doorways are the most common obstacles. If you’re modifying or building a new porch, always keep in mind how you can make entry into your abode easy for your friends and loved ones who need a little extra help.  

What if your home has a flat front, can a porch be added? Absolutely! This would allow you to create an awesome first impression while potentially gaining some more living space.

Here are 3 questions to ask yourself first:

1. What size do you want? 

2. What style do you want? 

3. How do you intend to use the porch? 

A word of caution, before jumping into a new front porch project it’s always good to consult a local architect and experienced home remodeling company.  Besides a great look, you want to make sure you’re protecting your investment by designing and building with setbacks and safety codes in mind. If your porch is in need of a makeover, call us at 314-909-1800 to set up a consultation with one of our Designers or Home Consultants.