Our hearts go out to those who have endured violence, suffering, and pain resulting from racism. There is no place in this world for hatred or intolerance of any kind, and we are saddened by the division in our community and our nation.  Racism has been an undercurrent to our country’s culture for too long, and it is time for change.  It’s time for us to change.

As the country comes together to address racial injustices, we at Mosby Building Arts have taken time to reflect on how we can be a part of the movement for a better tomorrow.

We realize Mosby Building Arts is by no means a perfect company.  We care deeply about our families, our co-workers, and our community. We care about the work we do and the people’s lives we touch every day. So that is where we will begin. We will harness the power of care by promoting acceptance, understanding, love, and kindness to all, regardless of race or color of skin. We can all do better. We can all be better.

In support of our local community working to push out racism, Mosby Building Arts is doing the following…

    1. Embracing a diverse workforce and instilling values of inclusion through diversity awareness training.
    2. Providing access to our two radio shows throughout the year to local organizations who support equality and diversity in our community.
    3. Refusing to work with vendors, trade partners, and suppliers that behave in a racist manner.
    4. Creating and funding a permanent employee committee to develop and implement an engagement program to combat discrimination in our community

We know Mosby Building Arts cannot solve the problems of our community.  However, as a member of the community, we know we have a duty to support any effort working to address the problems of racism. Mosby Building Arts supports a brighter tomorrow for everyone in our beloved community.